Underworld: Ichor Based

Summary: Ichor-based magic is what creatures that originate from the underworld use as fuel to cast their magic, be it spell-based or natural. River styx flows far and wide through the underworld, comparative to the veins of mana within ley lines on Earth. The “spell language” for magic in this realm still applies, however much of ichor-based magic is channeled naturally based on the creature.

Fuel: Ichor is a dark black substance that flows through river styx. It has the consistency of water, much like mana. Should one get it on their skin, they will suffer no ill-consequences. For organisms that cannot cast magic of the underworld, it has no effect upon them, and would probably taste like metallic water. 

The same concept applies to Underworld-based creatures as to mana for Earth-based creatures. All creatures with underworld origins have trace amounts of ichor in their systems, however they do need to restore it on a regular basis for constant magic use. 

Types of Common Magic in the Underworld & Drawbacks:

1. Teleportation: Either through the shadows or a portal system, teleportation is a common way to get around in the underworld. Shorter distances require less ichor to be used, while longer distances require much more. Portals are required for extremely long distances. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, the use of teleportation magic can cause the user to feel off-balanced. Too much of this damage can result in permanent vertigo.

2. Runic: Magic typically only seen in the underworld aside from mana-based enchanting scrolls, runic magic is the act of drawing something in one’s blood to act as a ward. The ward can do a variety of things, such as make teleporting to that location easier for the user, detection, a shield, and even traps. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, the use of runic magic can damage the flesh, much like fleshcrafting on a mana-based user. 

3. Healing: Unlike mana-based healing, ichor-based healing is more effective than modern medicine. Creatures from the underworld can mend flesh with much less drawback, but this does cost a lot of ichor and is still used as a last resort to medicine because of that. Another major issue is pain upon the person being casted upon. The one being healed will feel excruciating pain during the process, but come out much better. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, the user of this magic can suffer a high amount of weakness. Overuse of healing magic can actually cause them to pass out. 

4. Mind Control: This magic works best only upon those with a weaker will, or of whom have given up. Ichor-based magic users can seize control of someone’s mind for a short period of time, or put ideas in their heads that could influence their decisions. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, the user can weaken their own mind barriers and be more prone to mind control themselves. 

5. Fire & Ice: These two elements are especially prominent for use of ichor-based magic, and work in the same fashion that mana-based elemental magic does. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, the user can burn or freeze themselves, which parallels the drawbacks for mana-based magic in this case.

6. Telepathy: This magic is common in all of the realms, but the strongpoint in the underworld for it is within magical barriers maintained by energy of the mind. The bending of shadows and solidifying of them are included in this category as well.

Drawbacks: Without protection, the user can suffer a massive amount of migraines. 

Types of Uncommon Magic in the Underworld & Drawbacks: 

1. Necromancy: While most beings of underworld can speak with the dead, they don’t have a strong ability to raise it, as it goes against their general purpose. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, long forgotten memories can surface and torment.

2. Shapeshifting: Aside from familiar forms, creatures of the underworld tend to not be able to do advanced shapeshifting magic. An exception of this can be in particularly tricky demons that spend far too much time on Earth. Within the underworld, however, the magic isn’t practiced much. 

Drawbacks: Without protection, the user can suffer quite a bit of constant confusion.

3. Illusion: Minor illusion is common for ichor-based magic, particularly in half-demon breeds like kitsune. Otherwise, this magic is far more prominent in the fae realm.

Drawbacks: Without protection, the user can suffer false visions. 

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