Summary: Trolls are a fearsome fae creature that get along well enough with orcs. They live in the forests relatively close to the mountains and more commonly wander to the Earth realm. Naturally, prior to the vampires claiming dominant species on Earth, they did so in a very careful fashion. Now, however, they often wander Earth out of curiosity with special interest toward cities. 

Diet: Trolls are highly carnivorous and have two rows of jagged fangs within their mouth. They have longer lower-tusks than orcs, but they aren’t overwhelming, rather more like the tusks of a boar. Some trolls opt to shave these tusks down since they are more for display than survival, but that depends on the clan.

Trolls go after large prey such as unicorns and other large hooved creatures of the fae realm. They, however, can find themselves prey to the carnivorous hooved animals if not careful. Some trolls will indeed opt to eat other humanoids or even each other. Again, it depends upon the troll.

Fur & tail variations: Trolls have a head full of hair and sometimes tufts of it going down their spine. Most trolls have long tails that either are absent of or display thorny projections. Usually there is a tuft of their fur at the end of these tails as well. Otherwise, they are absent of fur upon the rest of their bodies aside from body-hair which is present anyway on most humanoids. 

The length of a troll’s tail can vary, as can the thickness. Some have dragon-like tails, whereas others have rat-like tails. All tails are prehensile, though the usefulness dwindles the thicker the tail gets.

Immune System & Aging: Trolls have a similar lifespan to orcs, that being 500 years naturally. They can, like most creatures, artificially extend their life via magic. Trolls are a species that is more curious than violent, therefore they don’t get involved in wars too frequently. However, their carnivorous habits can lead to trouble, depending on the troll.

Like most fae creatures, trolls are not affected by Earth diseases. However, fae illnesses can kill them should they not obtain a cure. Most often this is due to the weakness fae illnesses bring about upon the creatures of this realm. 

Notable features: Trolls tower over most creatures at roughly 9-10 feet tall. Generally they are slightly taller than orcs, but also quite a bit leaner. They do have muscles, however much lither as compared to orcs. Their skin color varies from grey to green, and their hair colors can be any color of the rainbow. Sometimes they dye it, taking a page from Earth creatures’ book.

Trolls have long pointed ears that they can move about expressively. Troll claws are longer than that of an orc, but they are retractable. 

Common misconceptions: 

1. Trolls really aren’t that ugly like human myth depicts them. When looking for an ugly fae creature, one should give the ogre a glance. 

2. Trolls embrace technology even more than orcs and are highly interested in integrating into Earth cities. While they love their roots, the fae realm, they are entranced by Earth. 

3. Trolls are actually not major fans of guarding bridges. 

4. Internet trolls and troll-trolls can be one in the same. However, if you find that an internet troll is also a real troll, it’s probably best to not provoke them… they are carnivores. 

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