Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions are non-negotiable and final.


>The prices I offer are not up to debate; I am currently a full time freelancer and rely on this for my income.
>I will now be going through fiverr for all transactions.


>300 words of editing writing commissions will be free. Anything following will be $10.00 per 300 words edited. You can ask for very minor edits otherwise, but this is something I will talk through with you.
>1 minute of audio can be re-recorded for free. Larger projects (audiobooks) can be negotiable. Otherwise, $10.00 per minute of re-capturing audio.
>Transcription services are not open to edits at this time aside from minor ones we would discuss.
>See Trailers page for specifics on pricing with regard to edits on these.

Credit & Copyright

>To remove credit from me entirely, the project will be an extra 50%. Otherwise, credit will be provided for me in audio, trailers, & need to be given to me for writing commissions.
>Unless you provide the above payment, you are agreeing to allow me to use the project (with links to your relevant website/social media/work) in my portfolio/for samples here.
>Use of my voice in professional, large-scale projects without my consent is prohibited. We will need to contract out large projects.

Declining Projects

>I can decline a project for any or no reason should I not feel comfortable. This includes if you make me uncomfortable as my client, or if the project itself makes me uncomfortable.
>If work starts on the project and is cancelled at any point BY ME due to reason of discomfort/mistreatment, a full refund will be provided unless 75% or more of the work is done, by which 50% refund will be provided. I will explain my reasoning with you ahead of time, and can provide the work already done on the project if I deem it appropriate.

NSFW Content Work

>I am a bit picky with this – anything regarding me writing oral sex will cost 20% extra, as that it outside of my comfort zone.
>No illegal NSFW work. This includes, but is not limited to: content with people who are related, minors, animals, corpses, and nonconsenting parties.
>I will not voice race kinks or slurs.
>Consent will need to be clear in all works, especially BDSM themes – I am not here to promote toxic relationships, and while I often write BDSM, I always highlight the important of consent.
>You can ask me for more moans/groaning noises in narration, but I could decline. This may lead to a $5.00 charge depending on what exactly you’re looking for.
>I am a bisexual woman who has only been intimate with a cis male, meaning I may not be as well-versed in some subjects, and I will let you know that if it comes up. I am willing to give things I am not experienced with a shot if you are of that sexuality/gender and are requesting some writing, but that will need to be a serious discussion between myself and you as a client. That said, I have written several sapphic scenes I’ve gotten sensitivity read/approved by sapphics.