Terms & Conditions


>The prices I offer are not up to debate for NSFW work; see below for genre/voice work I am willing to negotiate regarding.
>I will go through Fiverr, Paypal, or Findaway. You will likely get a cheaper deal buying from me directly, as I would get full payment and do not charge extra due to fees. Upfront payment is required when a project is established. You are free to ask for a sample/audition (not applicable to NSFW work.)


>300 words of editing writing commissions will be free. Anything following will be $10.00 per 300 words edited. You can ask for very minor edits otherwise, but this is something I will talk through with you.
>1 minute of audio can be re-recorded for free. Larger projects (audiobooks) can be negotiable. Otherwise, $10.00 per minute of re-capturing audio.
>See Trailers page for specifics on pricing with regard to edits on these.

Credit & Copyright

>To remove credit from me entirely, the project will be an extra 50%. Otherwise, credit will be provided for me in audio, trailers, & need to be given to me for writing commissions.
>Unless you provide the above payment, you are agreeing to allow me to use the project (with links to your relevant website/social media/work) in my portfolio/for samples here.
>Use of my voice in professional, large-scale projects without my consent is prohibited. We will need to contract out large projects.

Declining Projects

>I can decline a project for any or no reason should I not feel comfortable. This includes if you make me uncomfortable as my client, or if the project itself makes me uncomfortable.
>If work starts on the project and is cancelled at any point BY ME due to reason of discomfort/mistreatment, a 50% refund will be provided unless 75% or more of the work is done, by which no refund will be provided. I will explain my reasoning with you ahead of time, and can provide the work already done on the project if I deem it appropriate.
>Please see my terms regarding NSFW content below for examples of what may cause this to happen.

NSFW Content Work

>This is non-negotiable. I will not provide oral sex noises, I am not comfortable with such commissions. I can narrate erotica involving it, however.
>No illegal NSFW work. This includes, but is not limited to: content with people who are related, minors, animals, corpses, and nonconsenting parties.
>I will not voice race kinks or slurs.
>Consent will need to be clear in all works, especially BDSM themes – I am not here to promote toxic relationships, and while I often write BDSM, I always highlight the important of consent.
>You can ask me for more moans/groaning noises in narration, but I could decline. This will lead to additional charges depending on what exactly you’re looking for.
>I am a bisexual woman who has only been intimate with a cis male, meaning I may not be as well-versed in some subjects, and I will let you know that if it comes up. I am willing to give things I am not experienced with a shot if you are of that sexuality/gender and are requesting some writing, but that will need to be a serious discussion between myself and you as a client. That said, I have written several sapphic scenes I’ve gotten sensitivity read/approved by sapphics.

>THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Any NSFW work I do for you is strictly a business-client relationship. I can’t believe I have to say this, but I have had many creepy people flirt with me in the past. Do NOT ask me if I: “like” your kink/parts/noises/writing/whatever else you want my opinion on. You are paying me to either write or voice act your content, not for my ‘opinion’, which will always be ‘I do not like it, and I do not like you’ if you ask me.

Negotiable Items

>While most NSFW items are NOT negotiable, I am willing to discuss pricing specifically for vampiric/blood drinking kinks. This is for erotica only – not character acting. That means I’d need to narrate THIRD PERSON, not first.
>In terms of audibooks, the following genre are those which I really would love more projects for: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy (general), Horror.
>In terms of documentaries, the following genre are those which I would love more projects for: Biology, Wildlife, Chemistry, Mathematics
>In terms of youtube/podcast narrations, the following genre are those which I would love more projects for: Horror, Game Discussion, Animated Content Reviews, Channels relating to fantasy novels.
>If you’re curious, and do not see something on this list, you can always ask me!

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