Why are Vampires so sexy?!

Love or hate sexy vampires, they exist, and they have a huge impact on the paranormal genre. We all know the answer to the question above. It’s due to the haunting allure of vampires, and there’s a huge amount of ‘sexual fixations’ (Like my euphemism for ‘fetish’?) surrounding them. They are the monsters that lookContinue reading “Why are Vampires so sexy?!”

How Gaming Helped Shape My Writing

Greetings folks! Inspiration for writing comes from many avenues, and today I wanted to talk about the impact gaming had on my writing. I’ve brought this up with roleplay in the past, which had a huge impact on my writing. I played games like Age of Mythology, Toontown, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Pokemon inContinue reading “How Gaming Helped Shape My Writing”

Stripping “Sexy” – The problem with removing scantily clad women versus adding men/modesty.

It’s no secret that I support women for wearing what they wish, including skimpy clothing, while I don’t tend to do so myself. We need to support each other, after all, and sadly there’s been a puritan ideology rising up again. The decision by Tumblr, for example, a while ago to remove NSFW content, wasContinue reading “Stripping “Sexy” – The problem with removing scantily clad women versus adding men/modesty.”

Vampire Tropes – How I twist them in my works

When it comes to my writing, what I take the most pride in is how I write my vampires. This blog post will discuss how I twist tropes most commonly seen with bloodsuckers, and why I took the path that I did. I hope to see more people twisting the common western vampire myth, asContinue reading “Vampire Tropes – How I twist them in my works”