My book, “Claws of Midgard”, has released today! It’s got a twist on Norse Mythology and is in an urban setting. The book is not a ‘hidden world’, so magic is out in the open. Vampires & Werewolves are also twisted, and there’s LGBTQ+ romantic subplots with spice at the end! Bear in mind toContinue reading “HAPPY HALLOWEEN – AND BOOK RELEASE DAY!”

Darkness versus “The Light” – We need to twist things up more.

One of the most overdone tropes in fantasy, ever, is the concept of ‘dark bad’ and ‘light good’. I’m so utterly tired of it, and I bet much of the world is as well. Yes, humans are a diurnal species and trust the sun to be ‘good’ for us. It makes sense, biologically, we’d likeContinue reading “Darkness versus “The Light” – We need to twist things up more.”

Why I Twist Myth & Monsters in my Stories

Hey everyone! My favorite thing about writing is how we, as authors, can twist and craft things into our own world. Some people keep the traditional lore of a monster, which can be fun, but I like to rip that to shreds and build my own stuff. That is especially the case with common paranormalContinue reading “Why I Twist Myth & Monsters in my Stories”

Why are Vampires so sexy?!

Love or hate sexy vampires, they exist, and they have a huge impact on the paranormal genre. We all know the answer to the question above. It’s due to the haunting allure of vampires, and there’s a huge amount of ‘sexual fixations’ (Like my euphemism for ‘fetish’?) surrounding them. They are the monsters that lookContinue reading “Why are Vampires so sexy?!”

Something Scary: Horror Elements that Frighten Me

Being scared for fun is a blast, if you know you’re in a safe spot and not actually in danger. That’s the appeal of horror, after all! In this article, I’ll explore what tickles my fancy and puts a shiver down my spine. Remember, horror is subjective, so what scares me may not move youContinue reading “Something Scary: Horror Elements that Frighten Me”

Build a Vampire for nearly ALL magical settings – including MMORPG roleplay (Yes, this means World of Warcraft & FFXIV); How I take Vampires with me everywhere (Games & Writing)

It’s no secret that I absolutely love vampires, and if there’s a magical universe I either write or play a video game in, I will find some way to create them if there isn’t already established lore. Heck, I can pull this even if there is established lore and I simply don’t like it. It’sContinue reading “Build a Vampire for nearly ALL magical settings – including MMORPG roleplay (Yes, this means World of Warcraft & FFXIV); How I take Vampires with me everywhere (Games & Writing)”

Wait… I DO write sci-fi!

For the longest time, I denied really enjoying sci-fi, because there’s plenty of tropes and things in the genre that don’t interest me. As it turns out, however, I actually have a strong love for it, but not anything involving spaceships. I’m not a huge fan of the setting of a spaceship, it really isn’tContinue reading “Wait… I DO write sci-fi!”

Over 50 rejections, but I’m publishing anyway!

Ouch. To be honest, agents really do not like my story, and I will not lie and say all these rejections didn’t hurt. I tried very hard to push my story, but in the end, agents said no. That’s okay. Self-publishing is my choice, and while feedback on my story has been mixed so far,Continue reading “Over 50 rejections, but I’m publishing anyway!”

Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far

Oh my has it been difficult to grow on social media, especially tiktok. I’m still establishing myself on youtube, but I’ve found a bit more success on TikTok. After some research, I found out that you should release a video every single day, which is super difficult given I put a ton of work intoContinue reading “Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far”

Monster Biology – Yay or Nay? (Magic v. Biology to explain your lore)

I adore these two things: magic and biology. Honestly, the two go hand in hand. After all, Biology is magic to me. However, sometimes people in fantasy explain their monsters with ‘it’s just magic!’ without really looking into the biological aspects of it, because you can do pretty much anything in fantasy without thinking tooContinue reading “Monster Biology – Yay or Nay? (Magic v. Biology to explain your lore)”