Why are Vampires so sexy?!

Love or hate sexy vampires, they exist, and they have a huge impact on the paranormal genre. We all know the answer to the question above. It’s due to the haunting allure of vampires, and there’s a huge amount of ‘sexual fixations’ (Like my euphemism for ‘fetish’?) surrounding them. They are the monsters that lookContinue reading “Why are Vampires so sexy?!”

I don’t like open doors in the dark

The laptop light shined on my face as I was drawn to late night horror topics once more. All was well, though was 2 AM, and things were getting a little bit strange. The sounds in my abode were normal sounds, I was in an apartment, after all. Tickity tick, tappity tap. Normal apartment sounds.Continue reading “I don’t like open doors in the dark”