The Appeal of Analog Horror to Me

Analog horror is one of my favorite genres that has spawned over the past few years. Well, not really ‘born’, as ‘found footage’ stuff has been around since before the Blaire Witch Project, but ‘analog’ is something on the internet in particular, creepy short videos to tell a story in a format I’ll go intoContinue reading “The Appeal of Analog Horror to Me”

Jumpscares: Yay or Nay?

Ah, the times from childhood when I played the Scary Maze Game (this is the link to it, yes, there’s a screamer) when tricked by my friend (may she rest in peace, miss you Ashley </3) that it was a normal maze. I had jumped up so hard that the chair I was sitting inContinue reading “Jumpscares: Yay or Nay?”