The Appeal of Analog Horror to Me

Analog horror is one of my favorite genres that has spawned over the past few years. Well, not really ‘born’, as ‘found footage’ stuff has been around since before the Blaire Witch Project, but ‘analog’ is something on the internet in particular, creepy short videos to tell a story in a format I’ll go intoContinue reading “The Appeal of Analog Horror to Me”

Surreal Horror makes me Shudder (in a good way!)

As October and “spooky season” approaches, I wanted to bring attention to a type of horror that people don’t generally think of when looking into the genre. This plays with your psyche, makes you feel off, like something is wrong, but it’s not entirely evident as to what. Surreal horror might have a message, likeContinue reading “Surreal Horror makes me Shudder (in a good way!)”