Darkness versus “The Light” – We need to twist things up more.

One of the most overdone tropes in fantasy, ever, is the concept of ‘dark bad’ and ‘light good’. I’m so utterly tired of it, and I bet much of the world is as well. Yes, humans are a diurnal species and trust the sun to be ‘good’ for us. It makes sense, biologically, we’d likeContinue reading “Darkness versus “The Light” – We need to twist things up more.”

When Inspiration hits, write that down!

It can be terrible having an awesome idea only to lose it later because you may think you’ll either remember the details then, or it just isn’t interesting enough to preserve. Even if you think you are unlikely to return to the idea, you should try and write it down, or find some way ofContinue reading “When Inspiration hits, write that down!”