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>Fantasy (Urban, Epic, Medieval)
>Sci-fi (Biology Only)

>Fantasy & Paranormal Erotica
>Blog Articles – Fantasy writing ideas, serious topics, and more

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> FANTASY: 1.5k word short story: Papa Says to Burn the Witch

> CRIME FICTION: 4k word short story: Mayhem

> HORROR: Fragmented

>SHORT EROTICA: 2.2k word short story: Pirate Prince (NSFW)

>EROTICA NOVELLA: 10k word story (pdf):

Please feel free to request more samples. You can visit my blog for article examples, but here are a few popular ones:

>5 Ideas for Vampire Powers Outside of the Norm

>The Problem with “Virgins” & “Purity” in myth/stories

>10 Flying Animal Vampire Transformation ideas – Something DIFFERENT than bats!

>Denial of Publishing Contracts: My Experience

>From a Norse Mythology Fan – No, White Supremacists & Neo Nazis, you can’t have our culture, but you CAN fuck the hell right off.