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Looking for someone with a typing speed of 98 words per minute to transcribe your video or audio? I offer a service for that. I have over a year of experience as a medical scribe, and am comfortable transcribing for many things. This may be helpful if you are looking to caption a video in English, for example. Sadly, at the moment, I can only do English only, as I am monolingual in English. Still, there are many areas where this could be useful, so please feel free to reach out for this service.


>BASE PRICE: $4.00 per transcribed minute
>DISCOUNT PRICE: $1.00 per transcribed minute up to 10 minutes – LIMITED TIME OFFER for purpose of needing samples on this website. I will take 3 slots for this discount before it goes away for a long while. YOU MUST ALLOW ME TO HOST THIS ON MY WEBSITE AS A SAMPLE HERE to take this slot.

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Coming soon – see my Discount Price above!