Services: Narrations

Typical Genre I will narrate:

>Fantasy (Urban, Epic, Medieval)
>Sci-fi (Biology Only)

>Fantasy & Paranormal Erotica
>Blog Articles – Fantasy writing ideas, serious topics, and more (should you need a narrator for this purpose!)
>Generalized Erotica (Non-tabboo)
I am willing to narrate outside of my genre as well, feel free to inquire.

Typical Audiobook Rate: $85.00 per edited audio hour (usually 8000 words), but this is negotiable for long projects. Click here to see my audio portfolio.

For other types of narration/smaller projects, feel free to inquire and take a look at what my rates are on Fiverr. This is also negotiable depending on situation. Thanks!

I am interested in voice acting & content creator narration (youtube channels) as well.

Narration Service on Fiverr – Click here.


I regularly narrated my works for tiktok promotions, so have a nice pool of samples to share.

For NSFW samples, please click here.