Serialized Fiction

PLEASE NOTE: I do not promote toxic relationships in my works, and subvert expectations as well. There will be new flavors brought to common tropes, ones you will enjoy!

“…About that kiss. Would… we be able to try that again sometime?”

In our world, wealth brings power, but how one goes about obtaining said wealth is up for question. Some inherit billions, while others rise to the top through luck. Then, there are those who live centuries and accumulate it that way. Wait, what?
Zaros Red lives two lives. The face he shows to humanity is a stone cold businessman who leads a biochemical firm for the betterment of humanity. Reality is a little bit different; he is, after all, a blood-drinking wolf shifter. That’s odd even in the paranormal world. New powerful enemies are moving into New York City, and now, his eyes are fixed on Gina Eladove, his new employee. Her world is about to change forever when he offers her a business proposal and leaves out a few key details…

Note: This work has sex scenes/explicit content and the suggested age range is 18+.
The Alpha Billionaire’s Secret is created by Des M. Astor, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

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