Sam Viper

Species: Half-Dragon

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Chaotic Good

Familiar Form: None, she can turn into a dragon (scroll down)

Description: Sambuca Viper is the female protagonist of Book 1 in the Kingdoms of Blood series. She’s pretty much the “poster child” for the series along with Goliath (who will be introduced in a moment.)

A vampire huntress her entire life prior to meeting Goliath, Sam had no idea the world was saturated in magics and creatures beyond her wildest imagination, which indeed included dragons. Her backstory is tragic, in which she was sent away to vampires as a blood slave at a young age. She toughened it out, of course, and managed to escape with her venoms.

Speaking of venom, when Sambuca was a vampire huntress, she used it to kill them. While vampires are extremely versatile, both silver and concentrated dragon’s venom can severely harm them, including the most powerful among them.

Sam had no idea at the time that she naturally could produce venom, of course, and got most of her stock from snakes that she lived with in a little forest cottage. Her species enabled her the ability to speak with them, and they were like a family.

With the temper of a dragon, Sam’s gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble throughout the series.

Sam in dragon form, art credit to Stillblade.

Fun Facts:

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