Robert Smoke

Species: Turned Vampire (originally human)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Chaotic Good (from chaotic evil)

Familiar Form: Rat

Description: And then, there’s this bastard. Where do I even begin with Robert Smoke. His primary trait, in the beginning of the series, anyway, is greed. Smoke is obsessed with money, as he never had it after his parents were butchered by vampires.

Smoke became a vampire hunter and worked his way up, until of course he betrayed the entire association with a few of his cronies by allowing Ash Elapid, an evil vampire royal, to turn him into a vampire. This way, he could forever hunt and be oh so much more powerful. He’s a huge issue for Sam and Goliath in the beginning of the story.

In fact, he eventually strikes a deal with Darcia, getting her to form a blood bond with him so he could undermine any plans she might have to overthrow him. In exchange, he no longer would be working with Ash, but rather against him. This backfired.

Smoke lost all of his forces the following battle, almost dying himself. By some miracle, he was spared, which is about the time he began to…change. For the better.

Robert Smoke became a key antihero of my story, shifting from an evil antagonist to a backstabbing protagonist, making some nasty decisions in favor of team “hero”. In The Vampire War: Conclusion, his relationship with Darcia truly becomes well-rounded. How, though? You’ll have to read and find out.

He is known as “The Rat with the Knife”.

Fun Facts:

-He made a deal with Darcia via a blood bond, which I have comic art of here!

More Coming Soon!

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