Recent Pieces

Welcome to my recent pieces section! I will share some information about the recent art pieces I’ve done here.

Oh hey look, it’s Ares! Completed July 13, 2020.
Asher, San’layn (Vampire Elf) OC, done on July 11, 2020
Zephyr, San’layn (vampire elf) OC, finished July 11, 2020
Hemlock, San’layn (Vampire elf) OC, completed July 10, 2020
Anabelle Keepwalker, Blood Elf OC (mine), completed July 7, 2020
Soul Blacktalon, one of my San’layn in World of Warcraft. Finished: July 3, 2020
Ares and Cecelia, “Training”, completed June 30, 2020.
Vix’yl, my felblood elf warlock from World of Warcraft. Completed: June 23, 2020.
Aliceri, my Discipline Priest from World of Warcraft. Completed June 22, 2020.
This is my main in World of Warcraft, Lady Fallynn Iceblood! Date of completion: 6/21/2020
This is one of my World of Warcraft characters, Elias. Done on 6/14/2020.
My first beast race with digital art! This is Tiedi, one of my guildie’s pandaren from World of Warcraft. Really had fun with this piece. Completed on May 31, 2020