Recent Pieces

Welcome to my recent pieces section! I will share some information about the recent art pieces I’ve done here.

Ysila Dawnstriker, my paladin. Finished 12/24/2020
Vio’thel, one of my San’layn. Finished early December 2020
Salder Voidborne, completed 11/22/2020! One of my San’layn 🙂
Elias cipher, one of my San’layn, done mid-November 2020
Anabelle Keepwalker, one of my Blood Elf monks, completed in mid-November 2020
Ares & Sam reading each other’s books! Completed 11/14/2020
Hades from Cobratongue University, finished 11/2/2020!
Apollo in costume! Completed late October, 2020!
Vampire Rock Band! My OCs, from left to right: Rexton, Fallynn, Soul. Completed: 10/24/2020
Vix’yl, my felblood elf, done 10/11/2020.
“The Crooked Man” from The Conjuring 2. Finished 10/10/2020
My Original Character Ares, completed 9/25/2020
Lady Fallynn Iceblood, my main in World of Warcraft, completed 9/13/2020
Soul, a San’layn (vampire elf) from World of Warcraft (OC). Completed 9/12/2020
Salder, a San’layn (vampire elf) from World of Warcraft (OC). Completed 9/7/2020
Gaelira, a very important Fae from my novel! Done Late August 2020
Blood Prince Elias Cipher! One of my OCs, done Late August 2020
One of my Flight Rising dragons, done Mid August 2020!
First image of Ash Elapid! Done Mid August 2020
Done for a guildie! Finished Mid August, 2020!
Here’s a collage of my characters!
Ares! Completed 8/10/2020
Cecelia! Completed 8/10/2020
Goliath! Completed Early August 2020
Robert Smoke! Completed Early August 2020
Darcia Deville! The protagonist of books 1 & 2! Tasmanian Devil Shapeshifter. Completed 8/6/2020!
Sam Viper finished 8/3/2020
Salder, one of my San’layn on a redemption arc! Finished early August 2020
One of my vampire roleplay characters named Rexton! Done in late July 2020
My paladin! Done in late July of 2020!
Aliceri, my Discipline Priest from World of Warcraft. Completed June 22, 2020.
This is my main in World of Warcraft, Lady Fallynn Iceblood! Date of completion: 6/21/2020
My first beast race with digital art! This is Tiedi, one of my guildie’s pandaren from World of Warcraft. Really had fun with this piece. Completed on May 31, 2020