Summary: These brutish creatures originate from the fae realm. They are gigantic, terrifying monsters that most fear, but generally wander the woods of the fae realm without doing much with other species. Sometimes ogres clash with one another, and the result can be violent. Ogres aren’t exactly war-mongering, but they’re not exactly peaceful either. They don’t appreciate obvious territory intrusion and won’t be afraid to get violent to remove the issue. 

Diet: Ogres devour minerals of the fae realm, though can also process Earthly minerals as well if they happen to wander onto that realm. Underworld minerals have various weird effects upon them, however, which is why they tend to avoid that. 

The teeth of an ogre are strong enough to bite through rock; their front teeth are powerful incisors that work like blades to cut through the stone, while their back teeth are flat and used to grind the bits of stone down. 

Immune System & Aging: Ogres live roughly 200 years and are prone to Earthly illnesses since they’re not from that realm and don’t often use much magic to protect themselves. Strangely, human vaccines do actually work on them. They just require a much bigger needle. 

An ogre reaches their maximum size around the age of 40. However, they can reach this earlier if they eat higher quality minerals. What defines the quality of a mineral in the ogre diet is currently not well researched. 

Notable Features: Fully grown ogres are 13-16 feet in height. They have extremely thick skin, that of which is similar to stone. Most ogres are very bulky and have somewhat of a gut like a sumo wrestler. Many of them have a huge underbite with tusks coming out of their lower jaw similar to that of a boar. They use this for intimidation purpose along with battle should they run into another ogre that is hostile. 

Most ogres have bony spines going down their backs, of which protrude out and protect them from attacks from behind. They have tiny pig-like eyes and large rounded ears. Their final means of attack are from giant, bear-like claws that protrude from fingers on very meaty hands. With their muscular arms can they rip trees in half, which they do for fun on occasion.

Ogres will often be seen dragging huge clubs that they smash into rocks to shake some loose. While they can bite into the sides of mountains, tinier chunks are apparently tastier and preferred. No one quite knows ogre logic except for them. 

Magical Affinity: Ogres typically do not use magic, but should they be forced into a corner, will invoke that of the fae realm. They do not know how to use mana-based magic, as most fae creatures are not compatible. These brutes are no exception. In regards to fae magic, they project their already gigantic roars by making them even louder to a supernatural degree, in which can be heard miles away. 

Sometimes they enhance their strength with the magic as well, though usually that’s not needed. Ogres tend to not need the use of fae magic anyway, as their gigantic forms are intimidating on their own. The best way to counter an ogre isn’t physically, but with magic, if push comes to shove. 

Common Misconceptions: 

1. Ogres are not actually that stupid; their intelligence is on par with younger humanoids. 

2. Unless provoked, ogres generally don’t attack people. 

3. Ogres do not eat meat, for they have no need to and cannot digest it. If they attack something, it’s not to devour it. 

4. Ogres do not live in swamps, they prefer to live near mountains in the fae realm. 

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