Magical Protections

Overview: Every creature of every realm must practice their magic until they become an expert. Practicing one type of magic is far better than many at once, for it takes years upon years upon years to become an expert at one type. A creature can be born with natural magic and avoid the initial drawbacks, however they still must practice it to easily cast it.

One can wean themselves off of the protections the more they become comfortable with the magic they practice for years. 

Specific Protections:

Elemental Magic: You can prevent yourself from being burned by your own fire magic by obtaining fireproof gels to apply to clothing and skin. This is a simple substance available pretty much everywhere.

You can prevent yourself from gaining frostbite by your own ice magic by a similar antifreeze gel you can apply to clothing and skin. 

To channel electrical currents properly, there are metallic cuffs and bands you should apply to your arms and legs specifically for this casting.

Earth magic requires a quite a bit of practice before it stops mana-draining, therefore starting off slow is recommended for this.

This same concept applies to wind magic–slow and steady use to build up a tolerance.

Fleshcrafting: The body needs to build up a tolerance for fleshcrafting. Practicing it in small amounts each day will allow the user to, after years, cast with very minimal damage to themselves. There should NEVER be a huge output of fleshcrafting magic when the user is just starting their training.

Necromancy: Meditation and mood training can aid with drawbacks brought about by overuse of necromancy, but one should avoid pushing themselves. Like Fleshcrafting, this is a magic best used in great bursts of power only after years of training with smaller spells.

Shapeshifting: Herbs for concentration can be consumed before practicing this to minimize the drawbacks. A beginner constantly overusing shapeshifting should have their vitals checked by a doctor, and be given medicine accordingly.

Telepathy: Those training in telepathy can wear metal bands around their forehead, much like how those channeling electric currents should on the rest of their bodies. This helps direct thoughts and reduces migraines. The band is no longer needed the more the user trains to strengthen their mind.

Enhancement: Those training in this magic should be fit and with a healthy diet, especially those just beginning. This reduced the toll on the body if someone overuses this magic upon another being.

Enchanting: Get the proper ingredients to avoid drawbacks. Mistakes are on the caster in this situation.

Healing: Same concept as Fleshcrafting magic.

Teleporting: Only teleport short distances while you’re training up your affinity for this magic. Location verification helps with balance, as does frequently sitting down and taking a break after use of the magic.

Runic: Start off with very minor and weak runes in order to not damage flesh. Rubbing skin ointment over runes and taking care of them like one would a tattoo also helps prevent any flesh degradation.

Mind Control: Same concept as Telepathy.

Illusion: Minor illusions (one sense at a time) should be used if one is just starting their training. Otherwise, reminding oneself of reality, such as listening to music or eating something after output of strong spells could help with any illusionary backfiring. A metallic headband can also be applied, however it doesn’t work as well as with either telepathy or mind control for protection.

Bardic Magic: Ear protection can reduce the drawbacks of bardic magic. This should be used very often until the caster has built up an expert ability for this magic.

Nature: Same concept as Earth & Wind in the Elemental Magic section.

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