Summary: Lycans are a completely unnatural species that came to be in a laboratory. The blend of shifter and vampire DNA created something that wasn’t meant to ever exist, yet they fit into the world surprisingly well. Normally, a vampire and shifter procreating (successful offspring are possible but extremely rare) favor nearly all of the traits of one parent without much leeway. In this case, however, multiple experiments formed this species to be unlike any other. 

Creation: The twenty-first century rendered this species in a lab. Vampire DNA was extracted from unwilling subjects and implanted into the first successful lycan. His name is Rudy, and he appears different than his other kin (see “Notable Features” below). All subjects prior to Rudy met a terrible, painful death at the failure of the experiment. Rudy was the first and final lab-created lycan, as such complexities are not needed for the species to be spread. The term lycan can be interchanged with ‘werewolf’ and ‘wolfman’, as the only beast-like humanoids in existence came from a wolf shifter, or what Rudy is.

Turning: Lycanthrope can be spread specifically to humans, as the blend of vampire DNA renders turning another shifter into a lycan impossible. When a lycan bites a human, their saliva holds chemicals to morph the DNA into that of a lycan. With practice, a lycan can control and limit this issue. They are more prone to slipping up when angered or frenzying. 

Diet: Lycans have a purely carnivorous diet. They need both flesh and blood, which typically they get by ripping their prey to shreds well enough. Their dentition isn’t sustainable for drinking blood, therefore they get most of what they need from decimating victims. Oddly enough, unlike either vampires or shifters, they can sustain themselves on non-humanoid animals for a long period of time, though it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying as if their victims were humanoid. 

Notable features: Lycans aside from Rudy have two forms: humanoid and wolfman form. In humanoid form, they have pointed ears and wolf tails. Their dentition remains similar to that of a human, however their canines are longer like that of a wolf. Strange side-effects of lycanthrope include one human eye and one wolf eye in humanoid form for some people. 

The wolfman form of a lycan appears to be a hunched over humanoid creature standing on two legs. It has the head of a wolf, the torso and arms of a human, claws of a wolf, the tail of a wolf, and the back legs of a wolf. Their entire body is covered in thick fur. This correlates well with the werewolf of legend. The fur color of the wolfman form matches the hair color in humanoid form. 

Rudy is a special case, as he’s the first lycan, a shifter-vampire hybrid. He has wolf ears in humanoid form (in replacement of his regular ears, not on the top of his head), a wolf tail, teeth that are all sharp and similar to a vampire, and long claws. 

Magical Proficiency: Lycans can use medium-grade magic in their humanoid forms, which is slightly better than vampires or shifters due to all but Rudy being transformed humans. However, their newly gained powers inhibit any legendary magical status, as their natural abilities override this need. 

The natural abilities a lycan can possess are enhanced senses, strength, minor speed, and quick healing. They are extremely powerful in ‘wolfman form’ when controlling themselves, however out of control they can harm anyone they come into contact with.

After enough training, a lycan can control when it shifts, unless they are caught in the beams of a full moon, in which case they are forced into ‘wolfman form’. 

Magical Disadvantages: Lycans are highly prone to frenzying during a full moon, which is a magical side-effect of the saturated magic in the air working against their unstable DNA during this time. When they beserk, or frenzy, lycans are prone to attacking anyone in sight and typically can’t control whether or not they turn another human into a lycan. 

Due to their vampiric DNA, silver poisons lycans and slows their healing. 

Common misconceptions: 

1. Lycans = / = shapeshifters. 

2. Lycans have no true animal form, only their humanoid forms and their ‘wolfman forms’.

3. Not every bite from a lycan will guarantee a human becomes like them. There are many humans immune to lycanthrope, it varies based on the person. 

4. There is no official feud between lycans and vampires, however most of the original lycan were from Huntsmaster City, a place dedicated to killing vampires. Therefore, a hatred might spawn naturally between the two species. 

5. Lycans do not have some sort of silly pack mentality.  

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