Learning of the Lich

A great war where monsters emerge from the shadows, bringing magic & mayhem with them, has ripped the world from humanity’s grasp forever. Half of the human population has been wiped out, but all is not lost. 

A beacon of hope shines in a place known as Elapid City, located in northeast United States. Within the city, a college of magic has been started for two reasons. One, to teach humans magic they forced themselves to forget. Two, to teach vampires, and other magical beings, human society and culture so that they can live in harmony. Because despite these bloodthirsty humanoids now owning the world, some believe that Homo sapiens and Homo sanguines can live together in peace.

The first year of Cobratongue University had gone successfully despite many aggressive monsters trying to shatter its harmony. Jason, one of the vampires that had attempted to shatter the peace, has been given a second chance and is attending his first year at the college. He’s about to encounter an echo from his past that he’d rather forget as he strives to redeem himself, all while learning about a creature in class, a lich, that he’s never seen before.

CONTENT WARNING: Minor profanity & descriptive gore!

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