Summary: These half-demons originated from Japan, and mostly stick to that region. Some of them do travel more ever since the dominant species shifted from humans to vampires on Earth. The more tails a kitsune has, the more powerful they are. Kitsune use ichor-based magic, or magic from the underworld realm. Though their origin includes an earthly creature (shifter), they cannot use mana-based magic. Kitsune reside on the line between the Earth and Underworld, often preying on unsuspecting victims if they can get their claws on them. They have a reputation for trickery, however like any species, have morally sound and morally unsound individuals. 

Diet: Much like true demons, kitsune devour the flesh of anything and are carnivorous. They can drain the energy from victims as well through various methods including but not limited to battle and sex. Generally, kitsune gain much more benefit by doing this as opposed to eating chunks of someone’s soul, contrast to true demons. 

The amount of energy a kitsune gains from either sucking it away from another or just eating their flesh depends on the individual. Some prefer one method, while others take different routes. Not every feeding needs to result in a death, which is pretty contrast to true demon attacks. This gives kitsune a definite advantage to survive on Earth. 

Kitsune can use bestial instincts to hunt their prey, especially when it comes to sense of smell.

Realm-Walkers: Kitsune walk between the Earth and Underworld, meaning they’re constantly leaping from one realm to the other. Because they can avoid detection from doing so quite easily, they have easy access to their fuel source for magic, or ichor from river Styx. Sometimes, however, realm-walking incorrectly can land them in the fae realm. Kitsune lost in the fae realm typically perish unless they run into a kind fae creature that can show them the way out, as they cannot navigate the endless forests (ironically). 

Of course, this isn’t always the case–some kitsune have actually adapted to the fae realm itself. Rumor has it that the Fae realm’s corruption has transformed some of them into something else.

Notable Features: Kitsune have two forms: Humanoid form and fox form. Both forms are natural to them, however when interacting with other humanoids, they favor that bipedal form.

In humanoid form, kitsune have fox ears. There is a 50/50 split as to the placement on their heads. Some fox ears are on the top of a kitsune’s head, while some ears are on the side of their head, where one would normally expect ears to be on a human. Additionally, the most striking feature of a kitsune are their tails. They have large prehensile fox tails with a normal amount of fluffing. The amount of tails on a kitsune varies depending on their power and age. (More in Magical Affinity). 

Kitsune have demonic eyes, where their sclera are purely black as opposed to white. The most common color of the iris is amber, but can vary to silver, blue and red as well. Their pupils are slits as opposed to rounded. 

These creatures also have claws and teeth in humanoid form. Some kitsune have a mutation in which their claws are made of pure gold or obsidian. If their dagger-like claws break, they can regrow relatively quickly. Like true demons, kitsune have jagged teeth. Their dentition however is quite canid, where their canines are longer than the rest of their teeth. 

Kitsune keep the amount of tails they have in humanoid form in their fox form as well. Their eyes also remain the same, and they tend to have shadowy patterning on their fur of which varies based on the kitsune. 

Magical Proficiency: The amount of tails a kitsune has determines its power. A kitsune with all nine tails is at its most powerful and can easily challenge a royal vampire. Common natural magic for a kitsune includes illusionary and shadow magic, in which the kitsune can manipulate the world around them and either trick someone or actually damage them with solidified shadows.

Since kitsune have powerful natural magic, they tend to not learn past what they’re born with and can master in the fastest way possible. The more power they gain, the more likely they are to gain another tail. This comes about via mastery of their powers and discovery of new ones. Still, kitsune mages exist, though are merely rare.

A common power seen in most kitsune with seven or more tails is something known as ‘foxfire’. These are powerful blue flames that actually can burn away bits of one’s soul if the flame becomes strong enough. Kitsune with less than seven tails tend to be able to use regular orange fire. 

Common Misconceptions: 

1. Kitsune are not necessarily a bad omen. 

2. Despite being part shifter, kitsune get along with demons more than shifters. Shifters see them as abominations. 

3. Not every kitsune likes to lure in victims, and some can be quite friendly. 

4. Some kitsune are isolationist, but not all–those that are social love learning about other creatures and living together in skulks.

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