Kelsy Gardener

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Neutral Good

Familiar Form: Hummingbird

Description: Dr. Kelsy Gardener is a charming biologist who has no qualms with getting her hands dirty. She has a deep love for nature and science. Her favorite animals are frogs, particularly the Spring Peepers. She loves going out into the field for research, often dragging her best friend, a literature professor known as Luna Miller, along with her. She gets overexcited about the little things and will go into long, drawn out discussions on a topic without even realizing it.

Kelsy tends to hyperfocus on her studies, leading to her staying up fairly late. She can suffer a lack of sleep due to this, something that she is scolded by her friends for. She can be distracted extremely easily as well, however not when she is teaching class, something she finds incredibly important.

The scientist has a tendency to put herself into interesting situations for the sake of science or animals. For one thing, she opted into a vampire feeding experiment to see how her body is affected by vampires feeding on her for better regulations in Elapid City law if necessary. She is one of quite a few scientists opted into the program, so be assured that the sample size is greater than just her!

She will go out of her way to save animals as well, and if she thinks she put one in harm’s way, she will likely feel a deep sense of guilt and sorrow. She is also not afraid of killing if she needs to defend her friends or herself, which is seen when she does so, without remorse, in the book.

We discover that, ironically, she has quite a bit of talent in Necromancy, which she learns isn’t strictly about death, but rather can bring life as well.

She deeply enjoys teaching biology to humans and other sentient monsters!

Fun Facts:

-She is a huge gaming nerd!

More Coming Soon!