Jasper Arachnida

Species: Royal Vampire (descended from Vlad the Impaler)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Neutral Good (from Lawful Evil)

Familiar Form: Flying Fox (the bat)

Description: Where do I even begin with this one? He’s an egotistical bastard, for one thing. King Jasper starts off as quite the antagonist, though we never get to see much if him in The Dancing Crow aside from in the Prologue. We see him show up in Huntsmaster City, where his arc actually starts when he saves his brother’s life, then helps bring Cecelia back to the clubhouse after a traumatic event.

He sets his sights on Professor Luna Miller, who he sees as a challenger due to her throwing a book at him in Huntsmaster City. It’s no secret that he develops a gigantic crush on her, which is where his next major arc starts. He makes a major mistake when he takes action to capture her, having a ‘I want her in my kingdom’ mentality.

Following this, he’s put in his place big time after being greatly humiliated. He retains his ego, however is taken down a few notches and learns the meaning of respect. His development is very rich, and he becomes a key protector of Cobratongue University.

Once Jasper loses his initial fear of humans learning magic, he becomes fascinated with them and loves to watch progression. He works hard to train people up against vampires like him, given the world is now ruled by his kind and very few have his strongly developed morals.

In terms of his relationship with his brother, it resolved for the most part, but the two will bicker every now and then. Ares is much happier with him now that he has learned his lesson several times over, and has found it in his heart to forgive Jasper.

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