Summary: Homo sapiens were the dominant species on Earth prior to the takeover by Homo sanguine. They are a versatile species and the origin of the name ‘humanoid’ in terms of structure. They share a recent common ancestor with shifters and vampires. Humans are a species that embraces technology much faster than either vampires or shifters, however that didn’t aid them in keeping their hold on the planet in the long run due to the fact that they shunned the one edge they have against both shifters and vampires–the ability to master powerful mana-based magic beyond most other humanoid species. 

Diet: The human diet varies on region, but they are an omnivorous humanoid species that tends to cook their food. This aided in the formation of civilization. Humans tend to avoid raw meat and cannot process blood. They dine on animals rather than other than humanoids. 

Immune System & Aging: Vaccinations aid humankind in avoiding devastating diseases. Aside from that, mana-based magic can be blended carefully into a human’s biology to enhance the ability to recover from disease or heavily increase lifespan. Such magic is extremely advanced and had been lost in time to humans. Now that magic is becoming widely used again, however, such a practice might see an increase. 

Magical Proficiency: Prior to magic being cut out from history, humans were the most advanced in adapting to new kinds of mana-based magic. This gave them an edge over their predators, which included other intelligent humanoids that are carnivorous, like vampires or shifters. For some unknown reason, magic was pushed aside as myth in many human civilizations, which eventually led to the downfall of humans being the dominant species. The massacre on the human population in the twenty-first century was so devastating that even with legendary magic use, they could never hope to recover their previous hold on Earth. 

Humans are naturally attuned to mana-based magic in which they can start picking up basic spells if taught at a young age and hone their skills in a particular type of magic. This concept is similar to becoming an expert at one task, such as a scientist or lawyer in the corporate world. Certain skills can come naturally based on the person. Just like how someone can excel at math beyond their peers, a certain magic type might be picked up easily by someone as well. 

Common misconceptions: 

1. Humans aren’t terribly weak compared to shifters and vampires, they pose an equal threat to powerful beings among them if they practice their magic. 

2. There is no ‘born with or without the ability to use magic’. ALL humans have the capability of using mana-based magic, some are just better at certain types than others (as mentioned).

3. Weapons do not provide an edge for humans. Anyone can use them, and humans are in fact more prone to being wounded by regular weapons than either vampires or shifters. Magic is what humans should be using against their predators. 

4. The downfall of the human species as dominant on Earth is their own fault. Should they have not erased magic from their history, they would be in a much better situation. 

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