Species: Demon (Deity)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

General Alignment: Neutral (leaning toward Lawful) Good

Familiar Form: White Cat

Description: Hades is one of the many rulers of the Underworld, who tends to be rather firm. He has seen the best in people, and he’s seen the worst in people. He’s suffered unimaginable tragedy throughout the millennia he’s been alive, yet he really hasn’t changed much in the grand scheme of things aside from always growing as a person.

Hades doesn’t see the world as a lost cause. Above most things, he desires to provide the dead a pleasant afterlife, should they deserve it, in preparation for rebirth. He will punish the wicked, in line with most of the other underworld rulers’ attitudes as well.

Being alive so long, Hades takes great pleasure in the little things and living in the moment, contrast to common human myth. He adores seeing his lover, and friends happy. He will go out of his way to help someone in need, though he might grumble a bit when it comes to others making foolish decisions. He is a huge fan of very long lectures when someone does something wrong.

Hades is definitely a father-like figure to the younger characters in “The Cobratongue Saga”. He is extremely protective over those he cares about, and has no qualms with ripping those that oppose him to shreds. He isn’t a fan of the propaganda spread against demons, since in reality, there is a mixture of good and evil just like any species.

While Hades is powerful, he does have his weaknesses & flaws. He can falter like anyone else, but has a very strong resolve.

Fun Facts:

-Hades is a Professor in Cobratongue University! He teaches primarily magical defense.

More Coming Soon!

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