Goliath Elapid

Species: Royal Vampire (descent of Dracula)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Chaotic Good (from lawful evil)

Familiar Form: Bat

Description: Goliath Elapid is the male protagonist of Book 1 in The Kingdoms of Blood series. Like Sam, he’s a “poster child” of the series, and he’s very frequently spotted with her, especially after he intentionally runs into her in the beginning of the series.

Goliath is a living vampire, and one of the most powerful among them at that. Since he’s a royal vampire, he has natural powers such as turning into a cloud of bats or isolating a target from the rest of the world to take down. Initially he went after Sam to kill her, because her species was a roadblock to vampires taking the world for their own. He was a dragon killer, something he still regrets to this day.

Upon witnessing Sam sparing an innocent vampire orphan, however, he lost any desire to harm her and wanted to form a team. Unlike many of his family like his brother, Ash, Goliath saw humans as equals and wanted harmony with them. He had his sinister cruelty beaten into him, and was woken out of that by Sam’s act of kindness.

Goliath, of course, kept his love for killing despite his change in heart. He directs it toward enemies, however, though has a certain fondness for ripping out the hearts of his victims and eating them even today. That’s likely never going to change about him, nor is his sinister smile.

He is known as “The Bat in the Tophat”.

Fun Facts:

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