Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

This piece is by Gynesis! I figured it was appropriate for this section of the site. Who ISN’T hungry for free content?!

Welcome to the page where I offer some free writing! Novellas will be offered here, usually either dystopic urban fantasy or erotica. All of this is entirely free! I will sometimes narrate my non-erotica works too if they are short novellas or stories.

The Content Menu

Learning of the Lich (free audiobook included) – A 10k novella, dystopic urban fantasy. Absent of romance, but with a considerable amount of gore. Takes place in a magical college setting (Cobratongue Saga series). Click the link to learn more.

Twitch Streaming Page – I stream on twitch! Give a look if you’re interested in FFXIV streams, and potentially horror games in the future. I am very laid back. Here’s an example stream from my youtube page.

Youtube Content – I have author content on my youtube! I narrate and discuss Backrooms & SCP stuff, along with other horror content in the future. Check it out!

Wattpad – Most of my free works are on here, although there could be stuff missing from my blog posts, which are also free.

NOTE: More free stuff will be added to this page! This is just the beginning!

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