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Welcome to the page where I offer some free writing! Novellas will be offered here, usually either dystopic urban fantasy or erotica. All of this is entirely free! I will sometimes narrate my non-erotica works too if they are short novellas or stories.

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Ecstasy of an Angel

BDSM erotica involving an angel.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic consensual sex, BDSM, humiliation, choking, biting, bloodshed. ALSO, BY PROCEEDING BEYOND THIS MESSAGE, YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOU ARE 18+.



Song of the Forbidden

The music that flows through the lively nightclub gives life to Carmen. Her dance is hypnotizing like a siren’s voice to a pirate, and a new visitor to the club finds himself intrigued. Carmen invites him to join her on stage, finding out that they have quite a bit of powerful chemistry.

Eventually she learns his name, Phoenix, and can’t resist inviting him back to her apartment. The two engage in some very steamy intimate behavior. However, when Phoenix tries to resist that urge of his, he fails and sinks his fangs right into her neck as he takes her. This leads to Carmen discover that he’s a vampire. She takes it in stride and doesn’t mind all that much.

After all, not only was he an AMAZING dancer, but he also gave her the best sex she’s ever had.

Join the couple in this steamy romantic erotica novella and discover just how enchanting the both music and sex can be.

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