Dominant Species: Faeries 

Status: A seemingly endless forest is surrounded by numerous mountain ranges and is dotted with many lakes. Human technology has leaked into the fae realm, meaning there are full cities that blend human architecture and natural structures like the weaving of vines or carving of large trees and mountains. 

There is extremely diverse fauna and flora in the fae realm not restricted to intelligent species. Many Earth-like creatures can be seen wandering here, but with ethereal qualities like additional limbs, wings, eyes, and coloration. Some of these species were originally on Earth but got lost in the fae realm. 

Some groups of Faeries seek to remain stuck in the old ways, where they constantly protest the melding of other realm ideas with theirs. The fae councils constantly fight over this issue. 


New Age: The new age faeries and councils are obsessed with other realms and the creatures from them, be it as a detriment to those creatures or not. They want their stories to be ever expanded by the new concepts and ideas. Constantly wanting to move forward, this council runs the cities that blend in technology. This council does not nearly have the numbers that the Traditional fae council holds, however. On a constant basis are they reprimanded and in extreme cases, butchered. 

Trolls often join these faeries in expeditions to Earth, especially now that there’s no more humans to attempt to hide them. Royal vampires can indeed be dangerous, but access to Harmony Kingdoms isn’t impossible. 

Secluded: Those a part of the secluded council tend to not get involved with many others. They keep their stories and craft to themselves, not often talking to either the outside realm or other fae councils. Their internal affairs are often kept secret, and they really aren’t that friendly. Those included in this society rarely wander out of it, but if they do, they often are highly curious due to seclusion not making for the best of stories. 

Traditional: The most powerful fae council is the Traditional  Faeries, and they hate it when New Age faeries interfere with other realms. It is strictly forbidden, in their eyes, to meddle with affairs in realms other than their own. Should this council find out about meddling, they will attempt to bring the fae in question to their arena for a long discussion (sometimes in which the victim takes fatal damage). 

These faeries do not like the integration of technology and own vast expanses of the forest. At any sign of change do they destroy technology they find with quite a bit of aggression. At a constant war with New Age fae, they are  shrinking in number, however this process is slow. 

Many call these faeries tyrannical, and this would be correct. Much like the Cruel vampire kingdoms, they want to rule with an iron fist and dislike other non-fae creatures. Much of the time if they find a non-fae creature wandering about, they will capture them for story purpose and never let them go. This can involve said creature being put through torment for their amusement. 

Some Traditional faeries however simply do not change and do not care to bother the other realm creatures. It really depends on who owns the patch of territory and how aggressive they are. The non-aggressive Traditional faeries attempt diplomacy and exile, with heavy warning to territory intruders. These ones are more like preachy humans than warring tyrants. 

Orc vs. Dwarf Wars: Orcs and dwarves generally do not get along, as they constantly compete for territory and land. This war sometimes leaks into the forests and can drag in other fae creatures as well. In some instances, leakage has occurred even on Earth. However, dwarves and orcs tend to get along much better on Earth, where there is always advancement, and where they are forced to adapt together. 

Myst Mutations: Those that wander into the fae realm from other realms might be forced to mutate. This typically happens over multiple generations, however in some rare cases, can morph an individual. This can be either detrimental or empowering. 

Wanderers: Often one will find trapped spirits wandering endlessly in the fae realm. Sometimes they can see you, other times, they cannot. These are souls that have been violently slain on the veil between the Earth and Fae realm. They are trapped here and cannot make it to the underworld. Attempts to save these souls can be successful, but that really depends on the situation. Some Faeries will seek to devour the souls, which will liberate the small spec that remains of a devoured soul, however the soul will writhe in agony within the underworld for thousands of years if brought to that point. 

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