Care to explore your darkest delicious desires?

Jump into these sexy, steamy paranormal romance novels to explore just that. They’ll leave you begging for more.

Bloody Delicious: Dive into this hot and sexy short tale of Selina and Adrian, who meet under interesting circumstances indeed. Banished from a very traditional town and left outside the vampire’s castle, Selina expects to be butchered by Adrian. Little does she know that he has many gifts to bestow upon her, including extremely rough and enjoyable sex. Enjoy this bloody delicious tale that will be sure to have you begging for more just like Selina.

That Primal Urge: This alpha female lycan named Freya never could have guessed how utterly sexy a male vampire could be. She chased away all of the alpha male werewolves intent on removing her from power in her pack, and was confident she could take on the vampires intruding upon her territory. Little did she know, intruding vampire king Jeno had different plans for her. He awoke something utterly primal within her, leading to quite a bit of rich, juicy, and steamy intimacy. This sexy erotica novella will render you hungering for more. Jeno dominates Freya quite well, and she LOVES it.

A Lustful Hunt: Clara has been sentenced to death via being left in werewolf territory. The alpha of the pack, Fenrir, wastes no time in taking her down and dragging her to the den of his pack. Things aren’t what they seem–rather than rip her to shreds, he scented her lust on the hunt and proceeded to initiate intimate behavior. And by the gods does this lead to a bloody, sexy story of an alpha werewolf connecting with a lone vampire. Clara learns that this pack is run a bit differently; the alpha allows everyone power here, and listens to what others have to say. This includes Clara, who he makes sure will accept his advances. Fenrir derives no pleasure out of true pain or misery, and only wants to provide Clara with extreme pleasure. It tastes so delicious that way. Of course, when things grow a bit more established, Clara must be brought into the pack. There’s a certain ritual with the wolves here of which all mates must put on a display for the pack. After just a few moments of thinking, Clara agrees to be taken in front of the pack. There’s no doubt that this arouses practically everyone involved.

Killer in the Mirror: It’s been a rough day on the job as an investigator. Amelia knows bloodshed too well, and when she drags herself home, she doesn’t expect her night to turn into a wet dream. However, when her reflection twists into a male demon and comes out of the mirror, she’s in for a fright…and, apparently, a treat. Zirgoth, a sexy demon lord, is just here to feed on her fear. He discovers that this pretty little human is turned on by his actions, however, and grows incredibly hungry. He gets rid of some misconceptions she has of her kind through reassurance, but then tells her he must leave, because he’s far too hungry to stay. That’s when Amelia suggests he feeds off of her energy, wanting to see what it’s like to be taken by a demon. Zirgoth is pleasantly surprised and obliges, allowing the two to explore some of Amelia’s darkest desires.

CONTENT WARNING: Consensual BDSM, Bleeding, & Biting


Carmen’s night out while dancing is interrupted by a mysterious and handsome fellow allured by her dazzling moves.

However, she’s about to discover the dark secret this man, named Phoenix, possesses. Flirtations flow freely like their bodies to the music, and soon the two excuse themselves to Carmen’s apartment.

Things get hot rather quickly, especially when fangs meet the fortunate woman’s neck.

Cover art by Artistic Studio.

Content warning: Graphic sex, BDSM, and bloodshed.

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