Summary: A hybrid species between  faeries and humans, elves generally follow in the footsteps of their earthly origin as opposed to fae. They can only use mana-based magic, and get along much easier on Earth as opposed to the fae realm. These are one of the few humanoid species that blended in almost seamlessly to human society back before vampires took over as dominant species.

Diet: Elves follow a diet most similar to humans and can process food in generally the same manner. Some elves are more carnivorous than others, and they can process raw meat much better than humans. However, most elves living with society prefer cooked meat anyway. 

The dentition of elves varies, as some elven jaws mimic humans, while others have longer canines to help them tear down meat. It depends on the elf, and whether or not their bloodlines are more carnivorous than others. 

One strange dietary adaptation of elves is the ability to eat bark and flowers, with the ability to derive more nutrients from these items than humans. This allows them to live in the wilds more easily than their human cousins.

Realm-Walkers: This hybrid species can wander the boundaries between the Earth and Fae realm with ease, however they tend not to do so, as they get along much better on Earth. Elves have a natural ability to navigate through the fae realm based on stars, which also translates to when they wander Earth. Elves can easily find where the veil is thin between the two realms.

There are a small amount of elven societies on the fae realm, but they tend to be much more wild than those on Earth and don’t come into contact often with their earthly counterparts. 

Immune System & Aging: Their human bloodlines render them prone to human disease at times, however elves generally have very strong immune systems. Their skin restores wounds at about half the rate it takes humans to do so. They do not reproduce as often as humans, however, because as a hybrid species they are less fertile. 

Elves age at a much slower rate than humans once they hit their 20s. Their life cycle is virtually the same as humans up until that point, of course. They do not need to artificially delay their age with magic, and can live thousands of years. This is likely due to the fae genes within them.

Notable Features: When one thinks of ‘elves’, the first think they look at is their ears. Which would be correct, because elves do have pointed ears. How, then, does this distinguish them from vampires? Well, elves do not have a set of jagged fangs, nor do they have claws. Elves aren’t a predatory species on humanoids under normal circumstances, and therefore don’t have the tools to hunt them.

Otherwise, a typical trait of elves is their beauty. Much of the time, they can be mistaken for models or celebrities if they’re trying to blend into the human world. This is due to their fae genes. Elves tend to be lithe due to their high metabolisms, as they lean toward food from the forest more often than not. There are exceptions to this, and they can be prone to obesity like humans if they don’t maintain themselves . 

Magical Proficiency: Elves use mana-based magic, however Myst (the magic of the fae realm) can enhance and even boost their spells, in a weird effect. This is an abnormal trait, for usually magic of different realms cannot be mixed. Somehow, the physiology of elves renders this possible. Even still, the boost is rather minor. 

Elves are on par with humans for magical affinity, however due to being alive for much longer, eventually reach a peak, around the same time human legendary magic users can be created as well. Elves have enhanced memory, however, so their longevity gives them quite an advantage as they get older. 

Common Misconceptions: 

1. There are male elves, yes, and they look much better than the average human, so I would hold your tongue.

2. Elves are no longer employed by Santa Claus, it’s a long story.

3. Not every elf is good with a bow, however most elves are good with their tongues.

4. Vampires are not elves, despite their pointed ears. Vampires eat elves for breakfast. Though, a vampire can turn an elf, but vampire elves are rather rare for some reason.

5. Elves actually get along quite well with dwarves.

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