Dominant species: Living Vampires

Status: Vampires had initiated a great war that wiped off roughly half of the total human population. These creatures, especially royal vampires, are by far the most powerful humanoids on Earth currently as a whole. There are various human strongholds around the Earth, but they only number in the dozens and are constantly under attack. Vampire Kingdoms number in the thousands. 

Human technology and culture has been continued in Harmony vampire kingdoms. In fact, in some areas (though this is rare), there is actually normalcy again.

Magic had been erased from human history, however it now has emerged again and is actively used. Ley lines are constantly drawn from and restored via the natural cycles. 


Harmony: These rare kingdoms embrace the fact that humans and vampires, along with the huge variety of other magical creatures, can live in peace. Sure, there are inner turmoils just like any city back before vampires claimed the world for their own. However, systems are developed so that humans are not forced to give their blood to vampires, can practice magic, and use weapons. Humans that offer their blood to vampires are given huge monetary compensation.

These kingdoms embrace human technology and hold an air of normalcy to the humans now awake to the reality of the world. They are hubs of diversity that attract creatures from all kinds of realm. Due to the unfortunate properties of demon’s blood, such underworld humanoids are asked to go through a ritual to prevent a vampire frenzy should they bleed.

Harmony kingdoms often are under attack from the conquerors that want nothing more than to enslave and torment all humans. Luckily, despite being small in number, Harmony kingdoms have an edge–the creatures living within these kingdoms typically use their magic to defend their home. The veil between the fae realms and underworld tend to be thin around these areas, meaning visits from such creatures are growing in frequency. 

One thing to note, however, is that even in these kingdoms does human law no longer apply. Vampires are much more brutal and will not hesitate to publicly execute violent criminals. This includes but isn’t limited to: Vampires that break the law and attack humans, humans that lash out at vampires without provocation, rapists, murders, abusers, and such like that. Human ambassadors are actively trying to implement a bit more due process, however this isn’t exactly on the top of the vampire rulers’ lists to consider. 

 Luckily, Harmony vampires are no pushovers and will aggressively butcher enemy vampires to try and take their kingdoms as well. These places are just as war-hungry as their ‘evil’ counterparts. They fight for better treatment of non-vampires, however, and alongside other creatures. Strangely, there are many cannibalistic royal vampires that reside in harmony kingdoms.

Neutral: Neutral kingdoms are those that generally are not cruel to their humans but own blood slaves anyway. Humans in these kingdoms don’t have access to either magic nor weapons, and they don’t have a choice as to whether or not they are to give blood. Humans are livestock to the vampires in the kingdom and are heavily restricted. 

However, the humans in these kingdoms are groomed and pampered rather nicely. They have quite a bit of access to entertainment and the best of foods. The vampires running these kingdoms don’t see it fit to be overly cruel to their humans, but do not want to provide them the freedoms to attack or escape. These kingdoms are capable of being swayed either to being more cruel or more harmonious. The royal vampires running these keep open ears to both sides. 

Some kingdoms can lean more toward less cruelty, and some can lean toward more cruelty. With neutral kingdoms, there is a large variety of how things could work, and it all depends on the ruling party. 

Cruel/Conquest: These are the most numerous kingdoms at 2/3 total on Earth. They’re generally xenophobic and do not tolerate any non-vampire wandering freely in their territory. Typically these kingdoms war on a constant basis against each other and the other kingdoms. Sometimes they make alliances, which causes them to grow even more dangerous. 

These kingdoms torment their humans, lashing out at their slaves in a variety of horrible ways. Humans no longer own the Earth, and these vampires want to remind their prey of this at every moment they can. Humans that try to escape are brought to near death by torture. They seek to bring down harmony, citing that the humans should have no power and shouldn’t be given any semblance of the ability to remove the vampires in power. 

The amount of cruelty varies from keeping humans in cages until being fed upon to constant and regular torture, of which breaks the mind. If you aren’t a vampire, avoid these kingdoms at ALL costs.

 Demons and Angels: Ever since a demonic attack on the celestial realm, which wiped out many angels, the Angels are aggressive toward any demon they see on Earth. The only way to access the Celestial realm is through portals on Earth, and therefore they trust no demon upon the surface. Angels actively try to hunt down demons and send them back to the underworld in order to protect the realm that they rule over. Some creatures can get caught in the crossfire. 

Fae creatures: Now that there’s a world shift, various fae creatures have emerged from their realm and are actively exploring. They tend to avoid vampires unless they know for certain they are harmony kingdoms.

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