Summary: Rulers of the Underworld and the dominant species within it, demons are a diverse species with a very bad reputation on Earth. Unlike popular belief, not all of these creatures are evil. They have variation just like any species from any realm. Most demons work in the underworld, many taking upon tasks such as punishing the wicked souls that need their due karma. The king of the demons is known as Hades, for when he is in the underworld, he is the most powerful there. 

Diet: Demons are carnivorous entities that devour everything. No matter the creature, no matter the realm, a demon will have a taste for its flesh. Their tastes vary, but many of them agree in particular that vampire and human flesh are delicious. A demon wandering the Earth will often target vampires and drag them off to feed upon. 

Demons can also devour souls of their victims, which kills them if they eat too much. This does not destroy the soul, however, as souls cannot actually be destroyed. Rather, the extremely weakened soul is sent in the underworld, where it likely will remain a while to gain strength again. Having chunks of one’s soul eaten weakens them significantly, and recovery can take from days to weeks. 

Immune System & Aging: Demons are not prone to Earth disease, however weakness brought upon by things like horn rot for example can be detrimental to them. The underworld has its own set of sicknesses that demons can be prone to, but generally they don’t fall ill. Weakness is a different story, for if they don’t feed, like every creature, they lose power.

Demons live for an extremely long time, but must cycle through rebirth once they die, even though their origin is within the underworld. Such is the fate of any creature on any realm.

Demons have no particular weakness, but can be killed by magic if said magic is powerful enough. 

Notable Features: Demons are humanoids with pointed ears and jagged teeth, which makes sense considering they are pure carnivores. All of them have retractable claws as well.

The sclera of a demon are black as opposed to white. Their irises are a ring of various colors, most commonly red, however that only accounts for perhaps 50% of demons. The other half have colors such as amber, blue, silver, green, violet, and whatever else you can think of. Their pupils can either be slits or rounded, this depends upon the demon.

Most demons have two horns coming out of their foreheads of various colors, most common being black. They vary in length and how twisted they are, again depending on the demon. 

Most demons have long, whip-like tails. They are scaled and can be compared to those of lizards. Not to be confused with dragon tails, as these are much thinner. These tails tend to have very sharp spines or spikes at the ends of them. In rare cases, the spines are absent, but this isn’t unheard of. 

Demons can summon bat-like wings as well, of which vary in color based on the demon. If ripped off, the demon can grow the wings back, however this can take up to a year. This same concept applies to if their horns or tails are damaged. 

Magical Proficiency: Demons are the most powerful casters of Underworld magic, gaining the most out of the ichor that runs through Styx. They can store their fuel source for a very long period of time and do not typically need a lot of it to cast powerful spells. Like vampires, demons have enhanced strength, speed, and healing. They are the most powerful in their own realm, which is typical of most creatures. 

Many demons have natural magic they are born with, that is, a strong point toward a particular type of underworld magic. However, if they don’t train this and hone their power, their natural abilities will not do them as well. 

A rare number of demons can actually ‘posses’ another creature for a time. They take on an ethereal form and enter the body of a victim, seizing command by holding their soul hostage. This drains a lot of ichor, and a demon can only possess a few days at a time. This can severely damage the host if not done correctly. 

Famous Demons:

1. Hades: The king of demons and ruler of the underworld, Hades is a demonic deity that even some humans used to worship (some might still do so today). 

2. Helena: A nordic demonic deity that is one of the second-in-command under Hades. 

3. Lucifer: Origin unknown, but famously led the attack on the Celestial realm which ignited the war between angels and demons. 

4. Loki: Aspiring to be a second-in-command of the underworld, he is a recent demonic deity. He is not the father of Helena like many believe, however, and is unrelated and younger than her. He is in charge of the effort to restore Los Angeles. 

5. Bolvun: A demonic merchant, the master of contracts and trickery, he started the trend of ‘deals with the devil’.

Common Misconceptions: 

1. Not all demons are evil, though certain people really want you to think so.

2. Most demons don’t support the angel v. demon war.

3. Summoning demons isn’t the best idea in the world, and won’t work out in the summoner’s favor more often than not. 

4. Demons can most definitely enter churches and aren’t burned by crosses, though tend not to want to hear the whining of human should they attempt to do so. 

5. Demons are not the cause of all the negativity on Earth, much as humans want to blame them for it. 

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