Darcia Deville

Species: Shapeshifter (Tasmanian Devil)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Neutral Good

Familiar Form: None, she shifts into a Tasmanian Devil

Description: Darcia Deville plays a HUGE part in the Kingdoms of Blood series, and is the second perspective we see in book 1. She’s a badass female protagonist that doesn’t take shit from anyone. Darcie is a Tasmanian Devil shapeshifter, hence the image on her white shirt there.

A huge trait of Darcia is her loyalty; she’s seen rushing off to save her friends or aid in the war effort on a regular basis. She’s a natural leader, eventually taking over her pack after quite a few complications. Not only that, but she’s incredibly intelligent, carrying on the tradition in her species of being a ‘bookworm’. She certainly looks like someone who’d be better suited for fighting on the battlefield than in a library, but the truth is, she fits in both locations.

Darcia is a stubborn woman. Rage getting the better of her isn’t as big of a problem as it is with Sam, but Darcie can sometimes be stuck in her ways and refuse to listen to reason. She sees the world in a black-and-white manner sometimes, and might not understand when evidence proving otherwise is presented to her.

Her mind is capable of being changed, however. This is seen most abundantly via her interactions with Robert Smoke. Let’s just say, if Goliath and Sam’s relationship is complicated, hers and Smoke’s is worse.

Fun Facts:

-She features as a bestiary teacher in Cobratongue University.

More coming soon!

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