Dancing Crow: Chapter 4

The side of my mouth was wet with a bit of drool when the familiar poke from a claw woke me. This time I knew who it was, because it’s how she woke me up last time. It’d been a week since we’d met, and she’d been helping me with uh, learning how to behave around people in general. Kinda. 

I closed my mouth and glared up at Clarice as she drummed her claws on her hip. She sneered, “Alright, ready for your next lesson? Chop chop, get that leather jacket on and we’re gonna talk about another scenario of controlling your tendency to get angry at pretty much everything involving a vampire being a dick, which happens a lot.” 

I groaned and rolled out of bed, straightening up and ignoring her laughter at me once again. “Ok, how many pairs of designed boxers do you have?” she asked. “This time dinosaurs. Last time dragons. You really are a gigantic geek, tough guy.” 

I glanced over to my bed and snatched up a pillow, throwing it at her. It hit her gently, bouncing off of the top of her head. She’d been headlocking and giving me noogies for a while, after asking if such teasing was fine, but this was my retaliation.

“Bastard,” she growled, sticking her tongue out at me. 

“Ah ok ok but when ya tease, yer an angel?” I asked her, to which she nodded, still smirking. She turned, motioning for me to follow until we were in the living room. I sat down on the couch and stared up at her, muttering, “Why do I gotta be nice to jackasses, huh? Ya could save me the trouble and just let me kill them.”

“Because your idea of ‘jackass’ is ‘a vampire made a snide comment about humans that I’m taking as offensive so now they gotta die’. Newsflash, killing everyone for being slightly misanthropic is a bad idea, tough guy. Just punch ‘em and move on, you’re going to get us in trouble,” she commented. “Alright, so you’re in a bar, and you overhear someone talking about humans based on blood types and trying to decide which unwilling they’re gonna hunt next. What do you do?”

I stared at her, dumbfounded. “So I can’t kill them in this situation?! Why?”

“Because there’s police around and they sure as hell aren’t working for you, that’s why. What do you do?” she asked me, facepalming already as if I had failed. Ok, I’d show her. 

Clearing my throat, I sighed and growled, “I’d suggest they hunt for asshole humans like I do. The fuckers that deserve to die. As opposed to real people with families. Happy?” Under my breath, I added, “Still woulda liked ta gut ‘em though…”

Clarice growled, “I heard that, bastard. Aside from your little comment you thought I couldn’t hear, yes, I’m happy. Good. And if they refuse?” 

I scoffed because shit was so much easier prior to me having to deal with these damn clubs. “…I snap my fangs, threaten ‘em, and don’ attack first. I rip ‘em to shreds on the street later, but don’t make a further scene. Ok?”I asked, looking grumpy as hell.

“Yup. Good! I think I’ve drilled it into your head enough now. We’re ready to go. Thank fucking gods I met you prior to you going into that place, or you woulda prolly made a scene and some shit. Also prolly would have given away whatever secret you’re hiding from me when it comes to your strength, and obviously you want that to stay buried, so yeah,” she chuckled. I glared after her, dumbfounded, as she sauntered up to go get washed up.

 I was too a people person! I got along with her just fine! So what if we sorta share the same opinion on humans. I was fully capable of behaving. Right?

Anyway-z, apparently I passed training, and soon Clarice and I revved up our bikes and were off. Yep, I learned how to drive, and motorcycles were badass. Why take a car when it was easier to get around on a bike? ‘Course, I had one vehicle in the garage just in case.

We made our way to the club with me acting like an annoyed child being dragged to the store with his mother to get groceries. But in order to expand, I needed to behave myself, and that’s what I planned on doing. We parked our bikes when we arrived, my expression still one of disgust. Behaving? Puh! Whatever, for Clarice’s sake and probably mine, I would. 

I crossed my arms and stared up at the flashing red neon sign at the entrance of this place. It read “Bloody Mary’s Mirror.” I let out a low groan, which earned me a glance from Clarice. I pointed a finger up to the sign and said, “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, this is the most fucking goddamn CLICHE bullshit I’ve ever seen; listen, I’ve read what humans think about our kind, this is just screaming the fucking stereotype. Can we go someplace with a name that is a little bit less stupid?”

Clarice rolled her eyes and grumbled, “This is the biggest gathering place for vampires in the city, you dumbass, so no. Be cliche and suck it up.”

That shut me up, and I rolled my eyes, letting out a sigh. Again, am I in some shitty movie? 

We entered the club with me scowling and no doubt looking like I was being dragged around by Clarice. Several vampires shot looks in my direction, their eyes curious. I certainly wasn’t a regular. Male and female patrons alike provided winks and flirtations, all of which I ignored. I was here for business, not pleasure. I took a seat into a leather chair, taking everything in. 

Bright lights of all colors flashed in the otherwise dark room, and bodies swayed in time to metal and rock music. The floors were a smooth black, and the walls unsurprisingly a deep crimson color. They really couldn’t have been a little bit less, I dunno, ridiculous? I watched with disapproval as various humans in tight clothing walked about, fawning over vampires of whom snatched them up roughly and bit fiercely into their necks. 

Clarice was chatting up various vampires, shooting glances to me every so often. Eventually she wandered over and placed her hands on her hips. “So. Whatcha doing? Aren’t you supposed to be social?”

Shrugging, I sneered and glanced away from her, rubbing my arm awkwardly. “I guess. How do we know these humans aren’t here against their will? This is shifty shit, they seem like blood sl–”

My friend stepped aside, running her claws through her half-mohawk and giving a wink. A human lady was staring me down curiously, drawing her fingers over the alabaster of her skin as some strands of her raven hair fell into her face. Her deep brown eyes stared at me, and she was blushing. After a pause, she said, “We’re willing alright. Not only do we get free food and drinks for feeding your kind, but most of us like the feeling.” 

I stared at her, dumbfounded. Sure, Harlow liked my bites, but I figured she was being polite. What in the hell did this mean? Clarice stared me down and gave a facepalm. “A sexy guy like you has no idea what masochism means?” Clarice exclaimed, throwing her hands into the air. “If I have to have the fucking talk with a piece of work like you oh hell I’m going to go insane.” 

Deciding to ignore her for a moment, I focused upon the human woman and muttered, “Really? So this is all yer choice, no forcin’? Listen, I can get ya out of here, just say the word. If you need help, I have no hesitation bringing this entire place down.”

The woman just gave a light laugh and moved closer, hesitantly attempting to cup my cheek. I let her, not really intimidated by a widdle human of all things, just shocked. “There’s some jerks here, yes, that can be a bit pushy. But free stuff is worth it, and I can leave at any time,” she explained, though there was some hesitation to her tone. Before I could ask her to elaborate on why she paused, she began to climb onto my lap. Her clothing was black leather and tight, showing off quite a bit of flesh. Alright, so maybe I didn’t mind this much at all. 

My stomach growled hungrily, and I gave a sheepish crooked grin. After a pause I looked at Clarice for aid, and she motioned for me to bite. My friend growled, “Enjoy yourself, c’mon! You can always just say you’re not interested, but something tells me you are.”

Meanwhile, the human in my lap gulped nervously and nodded. “Yeah, I’ll leave you alone if you really don’t want to–eep!”

Suddenly my fangs met her flesh, burying into her neck as I wrapped my arms around her, gorging upon her blood. The warm delicious liquid flowed down my throat, revitalizing me and causing me to growl out hungrily. She whimpered in my arms, squirming a bit before relaxing. The scent of lust was more than clear in the air, which no doubt turned me on too. Pretty woman in my lap wanting more, someone I was attracted to, well, duh? 

However, I concluded and pulled away, licking the droplets of blood from her neck and using the vast array of chemicals in my saliva to close that wound up nicely. Now, she wouldn’t bleed further. While the initial type of saliva my kind used upon biting increased blood flow as an anticoagulant, we swapped to spit with the opposite effect when done feeding. 

Once again I looked to Clarice, who provided a thumbs up. Back down to the human woman, I breathed, “Thanks widdle human, that was yummy. Sorry, I’m used to ripping my prey’s throats out, not… this.”

She blinked and looked into my eyes, fear lingering for just a moment. “Oh…well, I appreciate you not killing me,” she replied awkwardly, though seemed very content resting there in my lap. 

I was about to respond when something caught my ear. Off to my side did I hear a vampire woman discussing with some of her friends a particularly nasty subject. “We should do what those kingdoms do, we could get blood so much more easily. No humans to say no, no humans to run crying from us being too rough. Tch. Weaklings, lesser fucking beings. Prey is prey, no exceptions.” No doubt, rage began to build in my muscles, and Clarice took notice. 

My friend shook her head, her gaze widening in alarm. She shot a glare toward the bitch that’d suggested blood slaves, but said nothing beyond that. However, some of the vampire’s ruddy friends took notice of our looks and motioned to us. The vampire, a woman of whom had long blonde hair tied tightly back into a ponytail and fair skin, turned to look at us with a scoff.

“You look like you could own a few blood slaves,” she said to me, giving a low chuckle. “Just look at the human on your lap. You can’t tell me you don’t want to take her and do whatever you’d like. Can you? These creatures are our prey, new guy.”

Oh hell, the amount of rage flowing through my veins was likely matched by no one. Clarice widened her eyes, no doubt having overheard the bitch. The lady in my lap tensed and buried her face into my chest, shuddering, as if afraid of that blonde vampire. 

I said in a low, calm tone, “You’re going to want to take that back and apologize to every human you just insulted.” Screw the accent at the moment. Clarice knew something was up, at least she wouldn’t press. She hadn’t yet. 

Meanwhile, the disgusting creep that had no respect for humans growled, “Awww, are you standing up for them? You sure don’t look like a big softie, but I guess looks can be deceiving. What, do you cry yourself to sleep over killing a bug, huh?”

I looked over to Clarice once again, my clawed fingers twitching. That’s when, before I could react, the vampire lunged forward and ripped the human woman from my arms, sinking her fangs in deeply. The woman yelled out in surprise, and I was on my feet in an instant. Clarice didn’t stop me, she was staring with cold anger at the blonde vampire and baring her fangs. 

“Put. her. Down.” I snarled, causing her to release the woman’s neck and laugh. The human teetered and fell to the ground, laying there on her side and groaning. I furrowed my brow and let out a hiss.

Then, I snapped, “Fuck, you feed too much from ‘em, they get anemic, are you insane? Bitch! Why the hell would you try to kill a human that is willingly giving you her blood?”

“She’ll be fine. What, is she your girlfriend? That’s disgusting and illegal as per order of the king of this place. You know, the ruling class in the next city over? Or are you too new to know even that? You make me sick,” the vampire laughed. 

She then lunged, getting into my face and planting a hand on my chest. At this point I was on the edge of just snapping. “I could probably be something much better, you know. You’re cute, you just need to be taught better, is all. The real way of the world. Predator and prey….”

Clarice snarled and rushed forward, putting herself between us and baring her fangs in the face of the bitch. “Get your hands off of him, you fucking prick, he didn’t ask to be touched by you.”

Suddenly the bitchy vampire raised her hand and backhanded Clarice away, rolling her eyes. “I don’t need commentary from a whore, where’s Adam then, huh? He’s been missing as of late. Shouldn’t he have you on a leash?”

As you can imagine, everything went to hell right then. Without hesitation did I lunge and tackle the blonde vampire down, sinking my fangs into her throat and ripping out a chunk. I wasn’t about to allow healing to save her life, and so I just kept lunging down and ripping flesh over and over again, refraining from actually consuming the chunks as to not be obvious. In a matter of moments, her neck was rendered to a bloody pulp, and she’d stopped moving. 

The humans in the bar, except for the one who had been drained quite a bit, fled quickly, screaming in panic. Claws sank into my back, shredding my jacket, but I didn’t care. I was high on bloodlust, and anyone that came my way fell to my claws. My pupils shrank entirely as I let out a loud laugh.

The walls were splattered with crimson as the internal organs normally sitting comfily inside of the bodies of these vampires were brought on out, courtesy of me and my claws. Bits of flesh flew everywhere as I worked like a meat grinder, wishing to hell I could use my full power and prevent some of the fleeing cowards from escaping my grasp. 

Don’t use your chains… don’t do it… I couldn’t risk exposure, it was too dangerous. So I needed to restrain myself, and in doing so, I ended up against the wall and with a silver knife against my throat. 

I sneered at the male vampire who held it, purring, “Aw, jumping to the defense of that blonde bitch?” He snapped his fangs in my face, landing a bit of spittle upon my cheek. 

“You made a mistake by coming here, b–” he began, but was thrown to the side by Clarice. 

My friend leaped upon him, ripping the knife from his hand successfully due him being distracted. From there she stabbed into him over and over again, growling until he finally stopped moving. The bar was clear in a matter of moments, with innards and corpses strewn everywhere. 

Some humans had been shredded in the process by the assholes who didn’t value any human life, but the number of them was very low. The woman that’d been bitten by my first target was still on the floor, curled up and shuddering. 

Sirens wailed in the distance, and I realized it was time to go. I was absolutely covered in blood, and despite that, I shot Clairce a sheepish grin. We’d only slaughtered those that went after us, and apparently that numbered to be a-fucking-lot. “So uh, I tried to behave, but–”

“Fuck, whatever, boss, let’s just get the hell out of here,” Clarice said quickly, snatching the human up and slinging her over her shoulder. “We can talk about this after we avoid getting tossed into jail or worse.” 



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