Hello! My commission information is on this page. Editing services are not available at this time.

Greetings, I am willing to do writing commissions for a price. Do you have a character concept that you want a backstory for?

What about a story that you don’t have time to write, but want to see brought to life?

I can work off of a short description or art piece, it’s up to you. I am willing to write in either first or third person, past tense.

I only write in the fantasy or crime fiction, however am willing to blend in sci-fi. NSFW content also falls under this. Please contact me if you’re interested via the information below.

Prices are negotiable, the length of some pieces will vary (if I write over, I won’t ever charge extra.)

500 word character profile:

2,000 word character profile/story: $25

10,000 word novella:

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please e-mail me at:

or message me on twitter.

I accept payments via PayPal.