Highlight: My typing speed is 85-90 wpm. I have over a year of transcription experience.

Greetings, I am willing to do writing commissions/Ghostwriting for a price. Do you have a character concept that you want a backstory for? What about a story that you don’t have time to write, but want to see brought to life? I can work off of a short description or art piece, it’s up to you. I am willing to write in either first or third person, past tense. I only write in the fantasy or crime fiction, however am willing to blend in sci-fi. NSFW content also falls under this. Please contact me if you’re interested via the information below.

I am now open to editing services. Please see below for details.

Prices are negotiable, the length of some pieces will vary (if I write over, I won’t ever charge extra.)

Narration & Transcription services to be offered soon!

EDITING PRICES: 0.01 per word (at a rate of $20.00 per 2000 words).

What I will do:
-Fix grammar/punctuation mistakes, so proofreading
-Provide suggestions on how to improve descriptions/plots as a reader
-Provide commentary on what I feel is strong in the work
-Point out potential plot holes
-As-I-Read commentary

COMMISSION/GHOSTWRITING PRICES: 0.02 per word (at a rate of $40.00 per 2000 words).

What I will do:
-Novellas up to 40k words: Fantasy (Paranormal/Urban/High), Erotica (Fantasy, BDSM & Paranormal, NO toxic/taboo tropes) & crime fiction only
-Articles relating to writing, gaming, biology, art, and social media (I have scientific article reading experience)
-Character profiles based on descriptions and desired backstory types

If you’re interested in contracting me, please e-mail me at: or message me on twitter.

I accept payments via PayPal but am open to discussing other methods.