Dominant Species: Angels

Status: The celestial realm is a combination of many cities in both the mountains and on the tops of clouds on Earth. Typically only winged creatures can access this realm without outside aid. Once a glorious realm full of light and harmony, the creatures of this realm have turned distrustful and rather violent due to a recent, heavy-hitting war. The rulers of this real, the Angels, are now a bit militant and untrusting. In most of the major cities, there’s heavy screening for foreign creatures wanting entry. 

Like humans, they went through their own culling rather recently, however were able to fight off the attackers, unlike the humans. The true story is that they were betrayed by one of their own, however many angels refuse to accept this. 

The cities come in a variety of different colors, mirroring human cities in general with a bit more of a sleek appearance. The wilds of the Celestial realm tend to be covered in mist, with the terrain varying from mountainous to forest. While many pieces of the Celestial realm sit on the tops of clouds, the surface itself isn’t really squishy or water-based. Though if someone were to dig deep enough into the rock or plant matter on the realm itself, they could fall through to Earth. That would, of course, take a lot of digging.

Currently, there is no open trade between the Celestial realm and any others. There is a constant state of disarray, and the Militant Wing of angels has a hold that’s tightening on the rest of the realm.

Angelic Flocks: 

Militant Wing: These angels run most of the cities in the Celestial realm. They are EXTREMELY untrusting of outsiders and will ask extensive questioning before they let others into the cities. They also are punishers of their own kind, utilizing harsh penalties upon anyone that steps out of line. One of their primary rules is not to question the order, nor sympathize with demons, which they consider to be evil. 

These militant angels often fly down to Earth and attempt to send any demons they find back to the underworld, for Earth is a direct connection to the Celestial realm. If anyone gets in their way, they are eradicated. 

This wing used to be known as the “Royal Wing”. 

Civilian Wing: Untrained (for combat) angels living in the Celestial realm. These angels got hit the hardest in the wars, with many of them being wiped out. This is a shame, considering most are everyday people just trying to live their lives. 

Wild Wings: The angels that tend to avoid the Militant Wings at all costs. They understand that there’s variation in other species and don’t think the Celestial realm should be closed off. Many seek to open trading again with other realms. These angels avoid cities, but are often thrown into jail and heavily punished if found, since they do not subscribe to the Militant order. 

Raptors: Any angel can be a ‘raptor’, it isn’t specific to wing type in this case. These are the angels that fly down to Earth to cleanse it of demons they find. They travel in a tight-knit flock and are extremely effective at what they do. It’s why demons that walk the Earth alone fear the angels. 

Angel and Demon War: What exactly started this issue in the Celestial realm? Well, an angel known Set wanted to ascend to the top ranks of the angels. Not born into a royal flock, he didn’t have much of a chance, therefore devised a plan with a demon he met known as Astoroth to breach the Celestial realm. At the time, the angels were much more open to trade, especially with demons. The relationship between the species was very rich. 

Astoroth and his followers wanted  to bring about the ruin of the Underworld, since he didn’t agree with how the underworld worked. He wanted power, with a very similar mindset to Set. What Set didn’t know, however, was that Astoroth had a particular taste for angel flesh as well, as did his followers. When they breached the city, many innocents were slaughtered and taken away for consumption. A deep-seeded hatred settled between Set’s followers and Astoroth’s then, which forced their alliance to end. 

The ‘Royal Wing’ switched to the ‘Militant Wing’ during the massive slaughter of unprepared angels, and managed to fight off the rest of Astoroth’s followers. They didn’t know that Set had betrayed them, as they refused to listen to logic. Set became one of the generals, sending forces to attack the underworld–they managed to obtain and cut to pieces the soul of a deity known as Osiris, which prevented both his rebirth and ascension to the unknown area of the underworld for soul restoration. This is a very unique case, of course. 

Thus set in motion the purge of demons from Earth as well, and the hatred that forever settled between them. Neither side will listen to the other, and some areas of Earth turn into a battleground for this war every so often. 

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