Celestial: Heat Based

Summary: Heat-based magic is what creatures of the Celestial realm typically use. Some residual magic emanates off of the creatures that utilize this in the form of light. This is because via some strange, twisted physics, heat energy is converted back to light, and vice versa. Those that use this magic of whom do not have natural talents and castability need to use a “spell language” until they become an expert at it after many years of practice. 

Fuel: The heat from the sun and other surrounding creatures is what causes the ability to use this magic. Not the light. This is not a photosynthesis-based magic, rather quite literally using the heat from various reactions and converting it right back to another. Yes, somehow this is accomplished with very twisted physics, however Earth scientists have no idea how this is possible. In a sense, this is reverse-entropy. 

Creatures from the celestial realm can absorb raw heat even from fire, however these is a point at which a creature can overheat if they take in too much. This is extremely rare, as their bodies generally decline any further heat intake after a point. However, an outside force adding heat can ‘pop the bubble’, persay. However, the temperature has to spike so rapidly that generally this is never a problem.

Types of Common Magic in the Celestial Realm and Drawbacks: 

1. ‘Elemental’ magic: The most powerful magic in the Celestial realm is fire & electrical current manipulation. Most creatures have a natural ability to utilize this. Beyond that, the manipulation of wind and water is pretty common. Celestial creatures typically need to train a while to become well-versed in manipulating minerals and metals.

Drawbacks: Without proper protection, the elements will harm the user. An abundance of fire or electric magic will burn the caster. Ice will freeze the cells and pierce them. Earth will drain away mana much faster. Wind will leave the user breathless and reduce how deeply one can intake their breath if used too much.

2. Fleshcrafting: A very dangerous type of magic in which the user can craft a creature out of flesh, sometimes from the page of a book, other times from their own imagination (for advanced users). Sometimes, a soul can be ripped from the underworld and be implanted into the crafted creature, which aids it in lasting longer. These creatures cannot cast their own magic and do decay.

Another use for fleshcrafting is to sacrifice bits of one’s body to achieve a certain task.

Drawbacks: Without proper protection, a person using fleshcrafting magic will damage their own flesh, including internal organs. This can cause quite a bit of bleeding and can even kill the user if they’re not careful.

3. Telepathy: Mind magic; this magic can be used to communicate via mind, or project one’s voice. Barriers can also be made with this kind of magic, though that’s more commonly seen from underworld creatures. Finally, telepathy goes hand-in-hand with telekinesis, or the ability to move objects with the mind.

Drawbacks: Without proper protection, misuse of telepathy can result in migraines. Too much of its use without proper precautions can result in chronic, permanent migraines. 

4. Enchanting: On the Celestial Realm, this magic is used typically on weaponry. Uniquely in the Celestial realm is enchanting empowered by their heat-based magic–ingredients are not needed to enchant things. The most common and easy enchantments are setting weapons ablaze or aglow with an excess of heat. 

Drawbacks: Without proper protection or ingredients, these spells can backfire, and trying to use the scrolls can produce some very detrimental effects. 

5. Healing: On the Celestial Realm, this magic is somewhat common via cauterization. It does not help with internal bleeding, but can rapidly close open wounds and provide much soothing for pain. This isn’t really true healing magic, but will certainly help the damage clear up faster.

Drawbacks: The drawbacks outweigh the benefits of healing when you have modern medicine. Healing damages the body even more than fleshcrafting upon the caster. Only the most advanced of legendary magic users can avoid this drawback.

Types of Uncommon Magic in the Celestial realm & Drawbacks:

1. Illusion: The ability to create false stimulus, whether it be touch, taste, sight, smell, or hearing. Celestial-based creatures tend to only be able to cast minor illusions. The Fae & Underworld have stronger illusion use.

Drawbacks: Without proper protection, illusion magic can backfire on the cast and constantly make them think they’re seeing things that aren’t there.

2. Necromancy: Most Celestial creatures frown upon raising the dead, and therefore it isn’t that common. Heat-based zombies are possible, however, through some very rare celestial necromancers. They have forever-smoldering flesh.

Drawbacks: Without protection, long forgotten memories can surface and torment.

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