Cecelia Smoke

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Neutral Good (from lawful evil)

Familiar Form: Mourning Dove

Description: A good question to ask is: “Is the entire ‘Smoke’ family crazy?” The answer is probably going to be yes.

Like her brother Robert Smoke, Cecelia Smoke started off as a vampire hunter. Except, she joined a part of it known as the ‘Exorcist Sect’, in which she was indoctrinated pretty horribly. Not only did she not have the proper knowledge on how to fight vampires, but she refused to listen to reason when confronted with evidence of her folly right before her.

Initially she hated her brother for ‘abandoning her’, however he had done nothing of the sort. Rather, she ran off and didn’t listen to him when he wasn’t as passionate about vampire killing as she. Robert had been focused on survival, whereas Cecelia was upon revenge.

This led her down a dark path, and when the war was out in full force, she was tossed out to die, unprepared for battles against vampires. Right then is where she met Ares Arachnida–someone who was fully capable of ripping her limb from limb, but decided to show mercy.

Much later in her character arc, Cecelia becomes an extremely powerful lightning mage. She humbles and is forever grateful to her brother and Ares.

Her entire story comes to fruition in Hunstmaster City.

Fun Facts:

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