Into the mind of a grey ace woman.

It’s time to talk about my experience as a bisexual grey ace woman. The first thing we should cover is the question: What is grey ace? Well, it’s when someone falls between the spectrum of allosexual (typical sexual attraction) and asexuality (no sexual attraction). Asexual folks can be sex-positive and engage in sex. They justContinue reading “Into the mind of a grey ace woman.”

Why I will not be having kids.

I saw something profound today that made me want to write this opinion piece. Ironically, it was a youtube comment in response to deforestation impacting antbirds and army ants. See the video here, if you’re curious. It’s quite sad. I think this rings incredibly true. As someone who genuinely wanted a child or two atContinue reading “Why I will not be having kids.”

Darkness versus “The Light” – We need to twist things up more.

One of the most overdone tropes in fantasy, ever, is the concept of ‘dark bad’ and ‘light good’. I’m so utterly tired of it, and I bet much of the world is as well. Yes, humans are a diurnal species and trust the sun to be ‘good’ for us. It makes sense, biologically, we’d likeContinue reading “Darkness versus “The Light” – We need to twist things up more.”

Over 50 rejections, but I’m publishing anyway!

Ouch. To be honest, agents really do not like my story, and I will not lie and say all these rejections didn’t hurt. I tried very hard to push my story, but in the end, agents said no. That’s okay. Self-publishing is my choice, and while feedback on my story has been mixed so far,Continue reading “Over 50 rejections, but I’m publishing anyway!”

Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far

Oh my has it been difficult to grow on social media, especially tiktok. I’m still establishing myself on youtube, but I’ve found a bit more success on TikTok. After some research, I found out that you should release a video every single day, which is super difficult given I put a ton of work intoContinue reading “Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far”

The Start of my Freelancing Journey?!

Well, I’ve done it – I’ve resigned from my position in a company due to personal reasons, and it’s time I moved on in life. I’ve always truly wanted to dedicate everything to focusing on writing (and similar endeavors) – I have yet to see what I can accomplish when not mentally strained by myContinue reading “The Start of my Freelancing Journey?!”

Religious Extremists Worship One Thing. Toxic Relationships.

This isn’t something I wanted to touch upon, but it’s been on my mind and I need to get these thoughts out. I’ve been watching Telltale, and my thought go beyond just the clip I’m about to share. But these people are very irrational and rather disturbing to me, and I think it’s time IContinue reading “Religious Extremists Worship One Thing. Toxic Relationships.”

The PROBLEM with Toxic Ships.

The hatred for toxic ships goes farther than skin-deep. On the surface, it’s something to be angry about because you’re unhappy characters are together despite various toxic situations like gaslighting, jealousy, or abuse. Digging deeper, however, you begin to realize it might influence real life or even seep into your own. That’s the problem withContinue reading “The PROBLEM with Toxic Ships.”

DEEP DIVE: What do creatives think of Sex Scenes?

Greetings everyone! Happy February, love is on my mind and today I wanted to talk about sex. Specifically, sex scenes in novels or other media! This Deep Dive topic will highlight what people think about the topic. I’ve divided things up into ‘yes, no, & maybe so’. The answers are variant, and one category mightContinue reading “DEEP DIVE: What do creatives think of Sex Scenes?”

Those Damn Voices… (Serious Rant about abuse)

“You’re being too hard on her. She’s done so much for you and you really should be nicer.” “All of the yelling. I flinch so much at someone raising their voice or their hand. Where did that come from?” “That was likely her doing, to be honest. Every time you speak with her, she screamsContinue reading “Those Damn Voices… (Serious Rant about abuse)”