Horror: Dolls & Clowns? No Biggie for me. Wide Mouths? Gah!

We all have something we’re afraid of, and if someone denies that, they’re probably lying unless they have a complete lack of emotion in general. Sometimes things we’re frightened of are straightforward, like heights, spiders, the dark. I find spiders adorable, though, but that’s something for another time. There’s some common fears I don’t have,Continue reading “Horror: Dolls & Clowns? No Biggie for me. Wide Mouths? Gah!”

The Appeal of Analog Horror to Me

Analog horror is one of my favorite genres that has spawned over the past few years. Well, not really ‘born’, as ‘found footage’ stuff has been around since before the Blaire Witch Project, but ‘analog’ is something on the internet in particular, creepy short videos to tell a story in a format I’ll go intoContinue reading “The Appeal of Analog Horror to Me”

Something Scary: Horror Elements that Frighten Me

Being scared for fun is a blast, if you know you’re in a safe spot and not actually in danger. That’s the appeal of horror, after all! In this article, I’ll explore what tickles my fancy and puts a shiver down my spine. Remember, horror is subjective, so what scares me may not move youContinue reading “Something Scary: Horror Elements that Frighten Me”

Why Liminal Spaces have a soft spot in horror for me & in Defense of adding Monsters to the Backrooms

Gods, I love liminal spaces. I tend to talk about them a lot, and may have an article similar to this somewhere… wait… let me search… nope, nothing comes up when I look up ‘liminal’. I’ve written so many articles that sometimes I need to check. I get passionate about topics a lot and wantContinue reading “Why Liminal Spaces have a soft spot in horror for me & in Defense of adding Monsters to the Backrooms”

Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far

Oh my has it been difficult to grow on social media, especially tiktok. I’m still establishing myself on youtube, but I’ve found a bit more success on TikTok. After some research, I found out that you should release a video every single day, which is super difficult given I put a ton of work intoContinue reading “Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far”

Ecstasy: Pleasure of an Angel {NSFW SHORT SCENE!}

CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic consensual sex, BDSM, humiliation, choking, biting, bloodshed. ALSO, BY PROCEEDING BEYOND THIS MESSAGE, YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOU ARE 18+. Full Narration: The gods exist with unfathomable power to a regular human; even those who have discovered their magic could never hope to match them.  Their powers span the multiverse, which is infinite.Continue reading “Ecstasy: Pleasure of an Angel {NSFW SHORT SCENE!}”

I made an audiobook! Here’s what I learned.

I am SUPER excited to announce that The Dancing Crow now has an audiobook! It was pretty expensive but incredibly worth it. I’m excited to see where it goes, because it allows so many other folks to actually experience my story. Plus, my narrator, Rein, for the book is badass! He sounds exactly like IContinue reading “I made an audiobook! Here’s what I learned.”

Horror Discussion: Should you Show the Monster?

A heavy discussion point in the horror genre is whether or not to show the monster. I know many people say it’s better not to see it, but I personally disagree. Granted, a badly-made monster is better left unseen, but that would be something I’d count as a major flaw in your story. If yourContinue reading “Horror Discussion: Should you Show the Monster?”

HORROR NARRATION: I’m growing my channel! Support is super LOVED! SCP & Backrooms Content GALORE!

That’s right! I’m back to narrating horror stories, but this time I’m hopping into popular stuff like Backrooms lore content and SCP narrations. I plan on tossing my own little flare into my videos, and my character (art by the amazing gynesis) will have her own unique backstory. I’ll give some fun fact here inContinue reading “HORROR NARRATION: I’m growing my channel! Support is super LOVED! SCP & Backrooms Content GALORE!”

BUILD A CREATURE: 5 Things to Keep in Mind while Building Monsters in Writing

One of my all time favorite things about world building is creating monsters! I typically grab a mythical creature and modify it into something that’s mine, like what I did with my living vampires, but today I wanted to talk about creating an entirely new monster with no basis in mythology. That’s not to sayContinue reading “BUILD A CREATURE: 5 Things to Keep in Mind while Building Monsters in Writing”