Build a Vampire for nearly ALL magical settings – including MMORPG roleplay (Yes, this means World of Warcraft & FFXIV); How I take Vampires with me everywhere (Games & Writing)

Art credit of my character Goliath to this artist!

It’s no secret that I absolutely love vampires, and if there’s a magical universe I either write or play a video game in, I will find some way to create them if there isn’t already established lore. Heck, I can pull this even if there is established lore and I simply don’t like it. It’s all about being creative, and I’m here to share with you my ideas on this matter!

Let’s establish what we need to craft our vampires. You’re going to want a universe with magic and alchemy. I suppose it could work in sci-fi, but some pieces are wonky and wouldn’t work with science. Though, much like ‘Well because of magic it works’, you could use the ‘well because of advancement in science it works’. I suppose fantasy and sci-fi aren’t so different in that sense.

Anyway, let’s go with the magical/alchemy world to make things easier. Bats or other creatures that drink blood must exist in this universe. Their diet must be contingent on the bacteria in their gut breaking down blood so they can extract nutrients from it. That, or some steal-able magical mechanism, or something right down to their DNA.

Next, we have the creator of vampires. You’ll have some sort of evil (or chaotic neutral) scientist character (give them some pizazz!) that is an expert in alchemy. In order to give the tropes you may want to your vampires, give them a form of speed or strength potion for this ‘create a vampire’ mixture. In the case of sci-fi, we could use augments or tech to emulate these powers.

The mad scientist would mess with the DNA of the vampire bats, or specifically the bacteria in their gut, mix it with the speed/strength potion, add a dash of ‘undefined magic’ (or for sci-fi, ‘this is a chemical reaction we’ve never seen before’!) and boom, the end result is a potion that messes with your character’s DNA and kills all the bacteria in their digestive system, replacing it with that of the vampire bat. Congrats on your bloodsucker!

What else? Well, the potion corrupts the very DNA of your character, so you can give them phenotypic changes required for hunting like fangs and claws, any variety, and possibly retractable. Anything is possible, really, because this is greyline and undefined. The mad scientist did a thing, messing with science and magic, resulting in a mythical monster that may not have existed before.

It’s an ala carte vampire. You can say the potion has any side effect you want, like an allergy to silver, sun sensitivity, whatever you’d like, blame it on ‘side effects of this potion’. You could have a cure, or you could say there is none at all because your character’s DNA is morphed too much. The dam’s been broken.

Basically, your vampire-izing-potion is a mix of ‘what the absolute fuck’ so it’s your own lore, as science is fucky in real life so add magic and it’s even more odd. No one is going to nail you for ‘lorebreaking’ because it’s legit the end result of your potion. As long as you don’t make your character too overpowered, it really shouldn’t be a problem.

But Des, I like undead vampires…
Oh, want your vampire undead in this build-a-vampire situation? Have necromancy exist in said universe and have the potion kill then raise them. Add a dash of necromancy to its mix and boom, you have your undeads!

Finally, how do you get more vampires without this potion? Easy, the vampire has injectable venom (controlled) to turn others, or it works via blood exchange, or whatever. Can people be immune to it? Sure! It’s up to the player character in roleplay or writer in a story.

Are you curious how I did it in Final Fantasy XIV? Well, I have lore right here. Take a look if you’re bored and need ideas! For context, ‘voidsent’ and ‘voidtouched’ are like demons and those demonically tainted.

Did this inspire some ideas? I hope so! Tag me on twitter @TheRealDesastr if you used any of this for your own lore. I want to see what you’ve come up with. Spread the vampire gospel, muhahahahaa!

Oh, and happy spooky month!

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When Inspiration hits, write that down!

It can be terrible having an awesome idea only to lose it later because you may think you’ll either remember the details then, or it just isn’t interesting enough to preserve. Even if you think you are unlikely to return to the idea, you should try and write it down, or find some way of preserving it! So many good stories in the world may be lost because someone forgot an idea, which is a shame.

I’ve lost my fair share of ideas as well, but have tried to start a google doc to keep track of them. I have it on my to-do list to return to these ideas at some point in the future. Who knows! One of those ideas may turn into the next big hit book for me.

Other ways to keep track of stuff is to record yourself talking about it. You may not have time to extensively write out some sort of outline, but that’s where keeping track via voice could help. Just make sure not to forget where you save your recordings, as I have a habit of not remembering where that is myself. Also, and this applies to writing it down, but you should probably elaborate on ideas you may have at the time so you’re not like ‘what the heck was I talking about?’ later.

No idea is too small to record, in my opinion. Every plant starts as a seed, after all, and that seed grows into something amazing. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. To be fair, cliché often are. But you get the point. You could utilize a bulleted list (what I typically do) for ideas so they don’t get lost, and go into as much or as a little detail as you can. Again, just make sure not to be too vague and return to the idea confused later.

Dream journals count for this, by the way! Those are a good way to keep track of odd ideas you may have that have sparked due to dreams.

Happy dreaming, and happy writing! Get down as many ideas that you can.

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Wait… I DO write sci-fi!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

For the longest time, I denied really enjoying sci-fi, because there’s plenty of tropes and things in the genre that don’t interest me. As it turns out, however, I actually have a strong love for it, but not anything involving spaceships. I’m not a huge fan of the setting of a spaceship, it really isn’t my thing. Alien planets are okay, I suppose, but I also wasn’t the hugest fan of those either.

Until recently, I suppose, upon learning about “All Tomorrows” and really enjoying that aspect of sci-fi. I also like the Zerg from Starcraft. I enjoy biology, which is no surprise given I have a degree in the subject! This is how I realized I actually do enjoy sci-fi quite a bit. It’s about the setting, for me, and how the world is built. If something explores the biology of monster-like creatures, then I am all for it.

Which brings me to my surprising revelation: I write more sci-fi than I originally thought. Or rather, ‘science fantasy’, as I fill in many gaps with ‘magic’ in the worlds I’ve built. I tend to dive deep into the biology of my creatures, for example my living vampires. I like to imagine how they would fit in our world biologically along with any discovered magic that happens to be revealed.

I haven’t dived into aliens or similar yet, but I’ve finally found literature that I enjoy when it comes to aliens. I’m not a Star Trek or Star Wars fan (sorry!) and could never really get into that sort of thing. Again, not entirely sure why I really don’t like spaceships, but it just… does not click with me. I love seeing odd creatures in their environments, be it natural or urban, but not in any sort of vehicle.

All in all, I am far more of a sci-fi writer than I thought right alongside fantasy. To me, both genre come hand-in-hand, and I’m super happy about that!

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Over 50 rejections, but I’m publishing anyway!

Claws of Midgard by Des M. Astor

Ouch. To be honest, agents really do not like my story, and I will not lie and say all these rejections didn’t hurt. I tried very hard to push my story, but in the end, agents said no.

That’s okay.

Self-publishing is my choice, and while feedback on my story has been mixed so far, people define it consistently as: “Folks who enjoy a twist in mythology would enjoy this book, and the characters are very strong”. See the goodreads reviews on the book so far.

I got generic rejections and feedback that really wasn’t very valuable from agents. It soured my want to pursue traditional publishing, but I’ve been sour to that idea for a while, especially with publishing being up in flames as of late.

I’m not the best at marketing, so that is always a concern, but I’ve ran this rodeo before with my Kingdoms of Blood series. While I struggle to find a large audience, the folks who pick the book up seem to really enjoy it when they do. My reviews have been mostly positive, which is awesome!

I’m hoping this story will do alright. I’ve learned how to better use Tiktok, so am promoting my book on there along with my other content. I’m not going to let these rejections bring me down, to be honest. Agents may see me as not valuable or profitable, but I will get there. Self-publishing is on the rise, and I hope I can make people happy with my works.

My book comes out on Halloween because I figured that would be a perfect time for it. It’s a Norse Mythology Urban Fantasy with high action and LGBTQ+ romantic subplots. It’s meant for an adult audience, so there is both descriptive gore and sex scenes (though that is at the end of the book, after relationships are established). There is a lot of magic, and I twist not only Norse Mythology, but vampires & werewolves too.

I’ve learned my lesson on spending money in certain marketing areas (that it’s a waste, rather) and want to see how organically I can get my book out there. Wish me luck, and feel free to pick the book up or spread it around if it sounds interesting!

Check out this trailer I made for it:

I’m not your ‘standard’ MMORPG player!

Art of my character by this amazing artist!

When people look at folks who play MMORPGs, they often think of either raiders or PvP (Player versus players) players. I know raiders and streamers come to mind for me, however the group of people I play with, and myself, encompass a different group of people in the genre.

I am a roleplayer, meaning I enjoy writing stories with my characters with other people. I play by the lore, or story, of the game! This helps keep my writing strong, but also it’s just something I love doing. I enjoy collecting things for purpose of roleplay.

Unfortunately, some gamers in MMORPGs do not take roleplayers seriously, and there’s a lot of folks who enjoy bullying those of us who like this style of gameplay. Why that’s a thing, I will never know, but it’s a ‘jocks versus nerds’ situation which is ironic given all gamers used to be made fun of. It isn’t fun being the butt of every joke, especially when I’ve found many raiders to be toxic in their own way, but it is what it is. In reality, roleplayers keep the game going pretty well when there’s little content and what’s called a ‘slump’ (no new major content being added anytime soon).

That said, it’s good to remember that etiquette applies in these games. You don’t want to just break into large paragraphs of story and roleplay when people are trying to go through a dungeon or raid. There’s a time and place for story writing, and unless you have an entire group of roleplayers who agreed to roleplay in a dungeon or raid, that’s a no-go. People have a right to snap at you for that nonsense then.

Roleplayers have that odd reputation of obsession with ‘erotic roleplay’ (the term is exactly what you think it is) but the majority of people I play with, at least, aren’t interested in that beyond it maybe being relevant in the story from time to time (and I do fade-outs. No, really. I may write erotica, but I don’t ERP with people. You’d have to buy that from me, and it’d be expensive.) Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone, but most I interact with really aren’t interested in that as their primary story. Not that it’s a bad thing if it is! I’m super sex positive, but wanted to be clear that it doesn’t define all of us.

If you’re a gamer, just remember to respect your fellow gamers even if you my not understand them. Playstyles vary, and raiding isn’t the ‘end all be all’. Just because someone does not raid does not mean they are not as valid as you. I am a bit tired of people arguing that content is useless if it isn’t raid content. I’ve needed to step aside for raids being a primary focus when other aspects of a game have been ignored (World of Warcraft), and eventually, said game took a nosedive in Shadowlands I firmly believe one of the main reasons is Blizzard listening to only one part of their playerbase – the elitist raiders. I’m happier in FFXIV, where all aspects of the game are given care.

Everyone can have a piece of the pie! Be kind to your fellow gamers, and understand some things you don’t like the sound of may be fun to others.

5 Tips on Recording & Editing Narrations

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

I adore narrating things that I write, along with audiobooks in general. Heck, I have an audiobook for The Dancing Crow that people seem to enjoy! I edited that entire audiobook on my own after a lot of research (using the audio files my narrator gave me after he recorded himself), and now have quite a bit of experience using Audacity to do so. It’s pretty straightforward software.

It’s not easy getting started with these things, however, as you need a space to record without much background noise if you yourself are making recordings. You also need a good microphone, which could set you back a couple hundred dollars. Still, once you have these things, you can get going! It may be harder to edit with a ‘bad’ microphone, something like a headset, but you can start off using that, I reckon, to get momentum. Hopefully these tips will help you.

Without further ado, here’s some quick tips!

(5) Drink a ton of water

When recording, I always have my water bottle beside me. When I forget it, my audio tends to have a lot more ‘wet lip noises’ which is as obnoxious as those words sound. This may be distracting and is a headache to edit out. I’ve gotten used to some noises I make (even if I can’t stand my own voice, which is typical!) but there’s ways to reduce the extra noises you may make when reading. Gum also helps for some folks, though I’ve found limited success on that end.

(4) Re-record lines upon messing up

When I started, I would clap or snap my fingers to indicate I messed up and need to re-record a line. However, nowadays I stop the recording, delete it, and start from the beginning of the sentence I messed up on. This works for me personally, though the other way may work best for you. Try either way when you start. The ‘clap when you mess up’ idea isn’t the end-all-be-all, though, and I’ve found editing far more smooth when I do my re-record plan.

(3) Remove breaths or reduce the sound (Reading-specific)

If you’re doing entertaining content, typically you don’t need to go this in depth, but audiobooks in particular will not have loud breaths or any breaths at all. I haven’t heard breaths in the ones I’ve listened to, so I tend to go the ‘removal’ route. Some say that makes it sound unnatural, so if that is your concern, you can reduce the volume on said breaths. Keep in mind pacing, though – you remove the sound, not the entire piece itself. Pauses are natural in audio and very much needed.

(2) Noise Reduction is your friend – make sure to leave a few seconds of blank noise

You may have consistent background noise that you’d need to remove. The program I use, Audacity, has a way to reduce or remove that. However, you need a ‘noise profile’, and in order to get that, you’ll need a few seconds at the beginning of your audio. Make sure to not make a sound during these few seconds so you can noise reduce properly.

(1) Put your heart into it

Sappy advice, but true. No one wants a monotone, uninterested narrator. You need to put emotion into what you read! You can practice different voices for characters before you go all-in with readings, if that’s the route you choose to take. Or, if you are just entertaining, find the voice that best fits you! You’ll want to enjoy the content you are covering, so just picking popular topics is not the way to go, in my opinion.

Well, there you have it! I hope these little tidbits of advice help you on your audio recording and editing journey. If you want to listen to a piece I’ve done, see this tiktok video of me reading a segment of my book!

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Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far

This is a bat-form of my avatar!

Oh my has it been difficult to grow on social media, especially tiktok. I’m still establishing myself on youtube, but I’ve found a bit more success on TikTok. After some research, I found out that you should release a video every single day, which is super difficult given I put a ton of work into my videos. I’ve taken breaks and lapsed in it a few times, but otherwise have been pretty consistent!

The primary content I cover on my tiktok involves two things. One, the Backrooms, which I will explain briefly soon. The other is readings of my novels, short pieces, which also includes NSFW scenes (PG-13 versions for tiktok, of course.) I’ve found something interesting: The readings that I do which contain NSFW content end up getting a lot more attention than my other ones. People seem to like how I write smut!

The Backrooms, however, is something I adore, and it’s internet horror. It’s a creepypasta that started in 2019 that expresses liminal spaces. Given it is a growing internet community story, like the SCP foundation, there is never any lore to run out of. I adore exploring what people have written for the Backrooms and will use a ‘png character’ to cover the content. My avatar is a vampire, of course, who can randomly shift into a bat. I have various expressions for her that she does throughout the videos.

All in all, promoting myself and growing has been tough, but I will continue to do so. Some people complain about the Backrooms lore and how it’s gotten ‘bad’, but personally I disagree. I think the lore is neat, love the monsters, and haters can move on to something else if they dislike it that much, I guess. I have a growing group of interested folks who enjoy my content, so I will definitely continue!

This also will hopefully help me get my books out there, which I’ve struggled with considerably. We shall see! Releasing a video every day and using tags I’ve found have worked has been very helpful, and I hope I continue to grow.

Oh, also, people complain a lot about tiktok and how either scary or ‘yikes’ it is, and I can’t blame them. However, I do not wander from my tiny circle of people I follow nor the content I create, so I ignore the dumb trends that pop up often. Honestly, the platform can be valuable if you avoid the toxic pieces.

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of what I said, you can find my tiktok here!

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Roleplay in FFXIV – I love it!

Art of my main character by this awesome artist!

Roleplay, the act of playing a character with other people and writing stories with them, is honestly a great way to refine writing skills. While I was in a writing slump, I still roleplayed, which kept my writing very strong. I started video-game-wise in World of Warcraft but have moved on to Final Fantasy XIV. I have to say, it took me a while to get hooked, but now I really am hooked pretty well!

In this article, I wanted to talk about my experience in the game itself, and why it took me so long to actually get attached, up until now where I am REALLY attached.

I left World of Warcraft for FFXIV in February of 2021 due to absolutely hating Shadowlands, but that’s a discussion for another time. Abandoning my characters and stories was hard to do, and it was very hard to get attached. The first part of FFXIV was very boring to me, so I did something atypical – I bought a story skip. This is rightfully frowned upon, but in order to get me to actually enjoy the game, skipping to the part with dragons was important. From there, I at least got attached to the story. To my credit, I went back and did the parts I skipped on another character.

Anyway, I couldn’t get into roleplay in the game like I did with WoW, and I could not figure out why. It’s like starting a new fanfiction and knowing about the franchise, but having no idea, attachment, or character ideas. Yes, I had characters who have backstories, but it didn’t click.

I think my wariness of people in general kicked in, delaying things considerably. After all, roleplayers can be an elitist bunch, and I had bad experiences in WoW. However, once I got going with my friends and made stories with them, it helped a ton. What also helped was getting a large house that my group made our ‘Castle’ in the game. Something hard to do – housing is unfortunately limited. Player housing, the ability to design a house and space to write stories in, is AMAZING, though. It’s something WoW lacked.

The game has its issues, and things I wish were better, but all in all, I really love it and am attached now. I love making tons of characters, which is rough because the game is very ‘alt’ (for those not in the know, this is like a ‘side character’ in gaming, they don’t get as much playtime) unfriendly. I make do, though, and writing stories with all of my friends on there, coming up with plots, and developing characters is just too much fun.

In the end, roleplay refines my writing, and I am so thrilled to write stories in my gaming life with my friends! My endgame? It’s roleplay. Yes, I’m that much of a story nerd.

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Ecstasy: Pleasure of an Angel {NSFW SHORT SCENE!}

CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic consensual sex, BDSM, humiliation, choking, biting, bloodshed. ALSO, BY PROCEEDING BEYOND THIS MESSAGE, YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOU ARE 18+.

Image by gnav from Pixabay

Full Narration:

The gods exist with unfathomable power to a regular human; even those who have discovered their magic could never hope to match them. 

Their powers span the multiverse, which is infinite. Truly, they could break one’s mind in a mere millisecond with no mercy or care. 

Their agents, the Angels, are the same way, nearly matching their power. Though, while many gods leave their creations to go about their lives, the Angels enjoy something… different. 


He… he’s beautiful…

I stared up at the man with long, wavy golden hair that flowed like an endless river down his back. Though his jawline was chiseled, his spotless face, with skin the color of ivory, was soft.  His lips pursed gently as he stared me down, likely in thought. 

Gigantic wings spread behind him, shedding beautiful white feathers as they did. The otherworldly features didn’t end there; I observed gorgeous glowing irises the same color as his hair. His gaze drank in all of me.

He’s… looking at me as… though I am his prey…

That’s when he smiled. It stretched unnaturally, showing row upon row of shark-like teeth, serrations on them sending shivers down my spine. I noticed him bring his hand up to his chin, tapping it with a single index finger. His fingernails extended, sharpening into claws translucent like broken glass. 

The angel’s tongue slithered out from his maw, licking along his lips. He let out a soft, harmonious purr. He wore a pure white robe that fell down his legs but didn’t cover his arms. My stare shifted to his limbs, noticing several eyes with black sclera and rings of gold opening up. They blinked at me several times before closing and vanishing into his flesh. 

Then, he spoke, a deep, dangerous tone that vibrated through my entire being. “Have you truly considered what you prayed for, you delicious little thing?” He…glitched, as if he was a hologram or on camera, but in the next instant, I knew he was very real. 

Powerful clawed fingers entwined into the threads of my hair, pulling my neck back to expose it to him. 

He was on top of me so fast I had no time to react. 

My breath was caught in my throat as his tongue slithered out of his lips, drawing ever so gently along the vein of my neck. Then, he drew his nose up the side of my face, his lips brushing my ear. 

“I promised you pleasure… happiness beyond the scope your mortal mind could ever imagine. Your deepest… darkest desires… You heard my whispers. You feel my power. You know I could destroy you in the matter of an instant, just like that, if it was my whim… and yet, here you are.” Lips locked onto mine, and I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth. 

I was pressed against the black, foggy mist of this dream-like landscape, unsure of where exactly I was, but knowing it felt like a room of cushions and mist. Some twisted, solid form of cloud, perhaps – what people wished they felt like, rather, as opposed to vapor.

The Angel’s body was directly on top of mine, the strength impossible to break, not that I would try. Images of the world shattering like glass formed in my mind… he was showing me his power. He was showing me exactly what he could do. Rivers of blood, bodies lining the street, humanity wiped out by just a damn thought… 

My fate is in the hands of this entity of who I am less than an insect to.

I closed my eyes, lost in the sweet, rich scent of endless pine forests, thunderstorms, and vast seas. My senses were overloaded, but in the best of ways. 


My brain could not comprehend what washed over me aside from one thing… sheer… raw… lust. 

He released my lips only to place a gentle, dangerous kiss on my neck and leaned up to stare me down. Now, when I looked into his eyes, I only saw two endless voids, the swirling darkness implying possible oblivion. 

He grinned, showing me those rows of teeth again, tightening his grip on my hair. His lips brushed against my ear once again. “I can see into your beautiful mind, mortal. I do not want to see true agony.”

I shuddered, wondering what this could mean. Did he want me to tell him if this was too much? But… 

“Do you want my gift?” he whispered. I let out a heaving breath. 


“Good human.”

Suddenly, teeth sank into my neck, causing me to scream out as warm blood began to trickle down my neck. The Angel was drinking me, a holy act twisted right onto its head. I squirmed, pain and pleasure mixing in my mind relentlessly. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, but this was just the beginning. 

The Angel released my neck, letting out a soft, amused chuckle. He raised his right hand, index finger pointing up slightly while other fingers lazily curled somewhat. A flash of white – and I was bare before him, as was he before me. His muscles were so well defined that they could have been carved from stone. Every so often, eyes opened on his ivory flesh, jet black and staring into me, watching every thought I’d ever made in my life. 

The pleasurable pain continued. A hand wrapped around my throat, cutting off my ability to breathe properly as his free hand began to drag claws against my flesh. This included every sensitive area on my body. After a few moments, he sank those claws in, causing ribbons of blood to pour down skin. He bent his head down, still holding my throat, licking up the crimson and letting out a soft hum. 

Eerie music began to billow out around him, in his voice, but not from his mouth. He let go of my throat, moving his face into mine and locking me into yet another delicious kiss. A full opportunity for him to explore my mouth, the tongue parting my lips and encouraging me to dive in as well. I obliged, feeling along his dagger-like teeth, cutting my tongue and wincing. A low, dangerous chuckle emitted from the pit of his chest as he deepened the kiss. 

Right at that moment, I felt stars in my eyes as suddenly he slid into me, going rather slow at first. My body accommodated him perfectly, like a well-fitting glove, embracing the many gifts he had to offer. He was so smooth, as though graced with ethereal lubricant that disallowed discomfort.

In… out… in… out…

Faster…. Faster… FASTER! 

I let out a cry, letting go of the kiss as my body shuddered with its first burst of pleasure. He didn’t stop. Instinctively, I knew… there would be no stop to the pleasure, no pauses, no rest. Not until he got all that he wanted. 

The angel leaned up, his wings wrapping around me as he took me, rough and relentless. My eyes closed as my body let loose another burst of sheer ecstasy, and my mind couldn’t help but remind me of where I was.

Beneath a being that could shatter me like glass in an instant….

His soft, melodic voice hit my ear again, his lips brushing against my ear as he continued to take me. “Your fear is delicious, fragile mortal. Such a good little thing, accepting my gifts. That’s it… that’s it. You know what I could do to you. Don’t you?” He let out a soft hum, in complete control as he continued to violate me in every way I wanted. 

He went on to emphasize his power. “I could destroy you so easily. Couldn’t I? You know I could…” His body pressed against mine firmly, dominating me entirely. His power radiated off of him in waves. The images of countless lives lost in an instant were conjured in my mind, courtesy of my monster. 

Did he do that? Or is this a demonstration?

Bent… broken… used…. Powerless before him. I could be just a plaything, but it felt so…good… I let out a cry, wave after wave of pleasure crashing into me. 

In this realm, there was no pause. No need to breathe… no chance to rest. Endless pleasure, surpassing the physical body for a time. This is one of many, many gifts…

Tears poured down my cheeks as I grew overwhelmed with the pleasure. His movements just became stronger, harder, my body moving in time with his. His tongue slithered out from his jaws, licking along my cheek and tasting my tears. “So delicious… so well behaved… I am proud of you, mortal.” His fingers threaded into my hair once more, forcing my head back and my neck to arch toward him. He planted a kiss on the center of my neck. 

“So proud.”

Then, a low growl that challenged thunder erupted from him, followed by a soft, dangerous laugh. “But I want more. You will offer me more of your pleasure. More. NOW. I DEMAND IT, MORTAL. GIVE IT TO ME.” 

I couldn’t disobey him.

My body spasmed, my mind completely washed away in the sea of ultimate pleasure he was providing me. Pain and fear melted into a chemical mixture of pleasure, and I simply couldn’t stop giving him burst after burst of my rapture. 

I couldn’t tell how long I fed him my pleasure, but my body was growing tired, challenging the limits of this ethereal place. Blood loss, lack of energy from so many climaxes… I became limp, yet still he continued, licking along areas of my body that caused tiny shivers to cascade through my spine. 

A little while longer… and suddenly he growled out, his entire mass shuddering. Wide, gleaming eyes stared me down for just a moment before rolling upward as he let out a roar of ecstasy. His chest heaved, and he laid there on me, pressing me against the soft ground of this surreal place. 

He withdrew from me before pressing his lips against mine for one final kiss in this otherworldly exchange. I curled up, naked and in the grip of aftershock, though my mind was very much intact. 

It wore off. 

The dazzling, wonderful feeling wore off as I realized he was going to leave me here. A used toy. Nothing more. Tears formed in my eyes of powerful, panicked emotions. 

This did not last any longer than a second – a warm embrace greeted me as my monster took me into his arms. He tutted, pressing a kiss on the top of my head. Claws gently ran through my hair as he sat there with me in his lap, miraculously in his robe once again. 

“Shh… gorgeous, gorgeous little mortal. So soft. So weak. So…lost. But. You will not be something I abandon. No, no no no. I like you. I adore my subjects, and I am so, so proud of you. I will take care of you. Just rest. Please. Just rest.” 

I sniffled, not believing my ears. 

He isn’t…abandoning me?

That warm embrace did not leave me in the cold. Beautiful wings wrapped around me as I was cradled in his arms, an embrace as gentle as a lover’s. Soft, encouraging words continued to flow from his mouth, but when I looked up and into his eyes, I saw that fathomless stare, not excluding several eyes that formed and vanished into his flesh. 

He was such a powerful creature, beyond my comprehension, and yet here he was… making sure I was alright. Taking so much pleasure from me, giving me so many gifts, yet not tossing me into the cold dark when finished. 

This… was surreal. 

My mind faded into a warm, relaxed sleep as his final words hit my ears. “That’s it… good human.”

Author’s Note: So! If you can recognized the inspiration that came for this story, kudos to you. May be labeled as ‘cringe’ but hey. Sometimes it’s fun to write things like this. If you don’t know what inspired it, I’m not about to tell you. If you like how I write erotica, you should support me! I am thinking of starting a patreon where I narrate these stories. I may write one of these a week. I can even ask what monster people would like to be written, or something, and do polls. I dunno! Depends on how much people like these scenes and if they’ll want more.

And, of course, I’m going to toss in a self promotion. It is my blog, after all. If you’d like me to voice some erotica like this, visit my services page.

Monster Biology – Yay or Nay? (Magic v. Biology to explain your lore)

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I adore these two things: magic and biology. Honestly, the two go hand in hand. After all, Biology is magic to me. However, sometimes people in fantasy explain their monsters with ‘it’s just magic!’ without really looking into the biological aspects of it, because you can do pretty much anything in fantasy without thinking too much about the science. I love books that do that, personally, because not everything needs an explanation.

Still, some writers really like to go into an explanation of things, so either style can be a ton of fun. I’ve done both, where I’ve chosen to let the reader use their imagination or say ‘it happens this way because magic’. However, I lean more into explaining my monsters just because it’s how I enjoy to do things. There is no right or wrong answer! It’s up to the writer, and can be different based on the author’s background as well.

In that sense, it’s a ‘yay’ to do so if that’s what you want to do, simply put. What exactly do I mean by ‘explaining the monster biology’, however? Well, if you’re going to stray from using the ‘it’s magic’ idea from your monsters, you would talk about how they came to be. Honestly, I like melding the two ideas myself – anything not explained by science is therefore covered by magic.

Let’s take a look at my Living Vampires for an example. I go into detail regarding how they came to be – sister species of humans, branching off of a common ancestor similar to dogs and wolves – along with their healing capabilities requiring massive amounts of energy for the cellular division. I enjoy diving deep with those, but there’s some key points that just do not work in science. While the bacteria in their gut can digest matter from blood, the fat content is so small in a blood-diet that they would need to non-stop be eating. I avoid this by explaining they substitute the remainder of their energy requirements with ‘mana’, the fuel for magic in my universe.

A healthy blend, therefore, is what makes a really interesting sci-fi fantasy. It may not seem like a genre blend, but in reality, it is! Fantasy is the primary flavor with a nice side of sci-fi in my works, typically. I don’t make my things strictly sci-fi, given the presence of magic and breaking of physics (via magic, no doubt). Though technically you could explain your magic away by ‘science’ and ‘new discoveries that break the rules of science as we know it’ because we’re always discovering new things in science. If you pick that route, have fun as well! I think that is also very valid.

When it comes down to it, monster biology is super interesting whether you explain it with strictly magic, a blend of science and magic, or just science. You can go into as much detail as possible, or leave out little details to leave the reader to guess. In fantasy, your imagination is the limit!

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