Ares Arachnida

Art credit to the amazing Lunni!


Species: Royal Vampire (descendant of Vlad the Impaler)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

General Alignment: Very Chaotic Good

Familiar Form: Crow

Description: Here we see gang leader Ares Arachinda. He looks absolutely terrifying, and like Goliath, has tons of power due to being a royal vampire. Of course, upon meeting him, no one knows that, and he just seems like some high-end biker gang leader.

As the vampire wars progressed, he and his gang began to starve. Initially they targeted the scum of the streets, clearing out humans in the big city that wanted nothing more than to harm others. This, however, changed, and out of desperation he and his gang attacked Darcia with the intent of slowly taking her blood.

Let’s step back for a moment, though. Ares is actually extremely kind-hearted and hates how some of his kind view humans only as livestock. In fact, he was turned cannibalistic (feeding off of and killing other vampires) upon getting rather angry at various situations that are revealed in the book.

He didn’t want to lash out at Darcia, however, in the end it was inevitable. Luckily he was spared and eventually joined Goliath’s forces to free the city from the evil Ash.

His story really comes to fruition in Huntsmaster City. He showed kindness to Cecelia beyond what she deserved, and in return, got himself into a near-death situation. Poor Ares.

He’s known as “The Dancing Crow.” This is because he shapeshifts into his crow form to dance for people who are sad or traumatized in order to get them to laugh or smile. This works to help them feel better! One of his major goals in life is to help people smile.

Fun Facts:

-He’s a magic teacher in Cobratongue University, and has a particular love for Dungeons & Dragons.

-His main DnD character is a kobold known as “Forktail”! Also rather than a bat, he chooses to shift into a crow, so that he can ‘be different’.

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