Summary: Rulers of the Celestial realm, Angels were quite the curious folk before they became rather secluded. A few subscribed to the notion that they should work for the many deities wandering through the realms. Many humans think they are completely pure beings, but they’re like any other species–there are morally sound and morally absent angels. Angels, like demons, are just another biological species from a different realm than Earth. 

Diet: Angels dine primarily on other winged creatures, which yes, means they also have predatory dentition. However, since they are omnivorous, they don’t have a jaw full of fangs. Rather, they merely have two sets of upper and lower canines, whereas the rest of their teeth are molars and incisors meant to cut through the native flora in their realm. 

Yes, angels will devour the flesh of demons and vice versa given the chance. The world is much darker than humans like to assume, with predatory species ruling over every realm. This, of course, applies to any other humanoid species. Cannibalism is frowned upon but not unheard of. 

Wing Variations: All angels have wings that, if cut off, will grow back in a matter of months. This process, however, is extremely painful. The wing variants can appear to be like any carnivorous bird species that exists on Earth(this includes insectivores). 

These wings are maintained by magic, and their bones are not hollow–meaning it would be physically impossible for the angel to fly without the addition of their magic. Therefore, angels are not purely a biological species, much like the rest of the rulers of any realm.

Immune System & Aging: Angels are actually prone to many Earth illnesses, since the Earth and Celestial realm are more connected than the other two, however they recover much faster than humans. They typically live for a thousand years, give or take a few centuries, due to the advanced control of cell division in their systems. Eventually, however, these systems do fail, leading to their death. 

Due to being a highly mobile species that engages in various wars when needed, including with each other, they can perish prior to this. However, this heavily depends on the flock of angels you’re looking into.

Notable Features: Angel features are highly variant. Some have pointed ears, whereas some of them are rounded. Some have hair made of feathers (which causes people to confuse them with harpies at times), whereas others have mammalian hair. All of them are humanoids with various body types, typical of any other humanoid species throughout any of the realms. 

Angel skin colors can match their wings (including patterning), but that is not always the case. All angel eyes glow as a result of their constant magic flow. The colors can vary all across the rainbow, and heterochromia is common in this species. At least one glowing golden eye, however, is extremely common but not required. 

Rather than nails, angels have talon-like claws. These are retractable, and sometimes can have a glowing gold with their magic. This indicates that the claws are extremely heated and should be avoided at all costs if you’re not a heat-resistant species. 

Magical Proficiency: Angels utilize heat-based magic, that is, absorbing heat from the sun and translating it to magic. They can also sap away heat from other creatures around them, which can result in the creature freezing to death if the angel does so maliciously. Naturally, these creatures have extremely powerful fire and electrical magic. 

Angels can also empower magic and heat them up, which is why people typically see them with flaming swords and the like. Finally, angels can naturally shapeshift into the bird that their wings represent, however they cannot battle in this form, and it’s more for travel and saving energy, as it takes less magic to fly as their birds than true wings. (Not much of a difference, though, and angels are usually prideful so use this in a pinch.)

Otherwise, they must train up the use of magic in other areas that’s usually seen in the Celestial realm.

Common Misconceptions: 

1. Not all angels are pure and wonderful beings, in fact many are violent. They are predatory flying humanoids, after all. 

2. Angels and demons are at a constant war, yes, but not for the reasons you might think. There’s no religion involved, and no one side that’s really more justified than the other. (See the celestial realm section for details.)

3. ‘Pure’? Oh please, angels love sex just as much as the next humanoid and will laugh at you if you ask whether or not they’re abstinent. Well, most of them.  

4. Cutting off an angel’s wings? In angel culture, that’s considered a dick move. 

5. Angels will get really CROSS with you if you pester them about your religion, so don’t. 

6. Some angels do in fact have a golden glow. Call them a ‘lightbulb’, I dare you.

7. Most angels are flighty (hah!). They’re quick to be suspicious and cynical and might attack first, ask questions later.

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