Des M. Astor is a writer in the Urban Fantasy genre. She twists things in a unique way and brings a new flavor to the mythical creatures you know and love. Des has been writing her entire life and decided to refine her craft by going professional.

Additionally, she is a voice actress/narrator trying to grow in the voice acting community. She is most interested in narrating: Fantasy, Horror, and Documentary series. Though she is NSFW friendly (and has been told she has a good voice for it), she is very strict when it comes to voicing such jobs.

She does have her own youtube channel, DesastrNarrations, where she narrates horror.

In terms of writing, the series Des is most proud of would have to be the “Kingdoms of Blood” series, where she built an entire Urban Fantasy world and characters around her concepts. Des enjoys dressing up on Halloween as a vampire. Her favorite mythical creature is the vampire, followed by the dragon. Her third favorite creature of myth is the kitsune.

In her works, she tries to tell important lessons through her characters, such as the importance of working together in a romantic relationship and consent. In terms of friendships, she likes telling stories where a group of friends struggle in battle but come through in the end. She has a mixture of strong female and male protagonists. Her stories are character driven.

Des graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in May of 2019. She has a deep love for reptiles and seeks to become a herpetologist. Often, she will blend in her knowledge of science to enhance her writing, which brings about sci-fi elements.

Her favorite character archetype is the ‘antihero’, in which the protagonist might make some dark decisions for the protection of the innocent. Her stories tend to lean on the violent and action-heavy side, but they also include romances that build during these conflicts.


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