About my Journey


I’ve decided to begin learning digital art from no prior experience. I’m tracking my progress by posting a day number and piece on deviantart (click here if you’re curious!). I started this journey in the beginning of March 2020. I hope to vastly improve as time goes on. If you’re curious about how some of my recent pieces are looking, feel free to head on over to my recent pieces.

My eventual goals are as follows:

  1. Improve my character art and shading
  2. Advance to realism over the course of a few years so I have two styles, one being realistic and one being more cartoon-like
  3. Be open to creating art of nearly everything, be it characters, beast/furry races, NSFW, and the like, so long as it isn’t taboo.
  4. Be able to illustrate for my novels someday, especially things like compendiums
  5. Advance to realistic/abstract horror art with gore
  6. Take commissions and sustain myself on a mixture of writing and art.

Currently, I do not feel I am at the point where I can take commissions yet, as I’m very early in my journey. However, I have been practicing with characters of friends, which has been helpful!