An animated cover with music for my book!

My book, “Claws of Midgard”, has released today! It’s got a twist on Norse Mythology and is in an urban setting. The book is not a ‘hidden world’, so magic is out in the open. Vampires & Werewolves are also twisted, and there’s LGBTQ+ romantic subplots with spice at the end!

Bear in mind to not support bi-erasure; do not call one of the M/F couples ‘straight’, as I make it very clear in the book they are bisexual, like myself. Also, the book hosts werewolves that turn into wolf men, not wolves; if you’re strict about ‘shifter-like werewolves’, then this book isn’t for you!

Otherwise, let’s take a look at some reviews from readers of the book who have enjoyed it:

Then, let’s take a look at a review that really didn’t like the book:

Thankfully, you can decide whether or not you like my writing through the sample on Amazon. If anything, go check out why my writing was so bad, someone left a one-star after not finishing even the first chapter! (Please don’t do this, it’s actually extremely rude and unhelpful. At least actually get through a bit of the book before leaving a review, otherwise put it down and don’t bother. I don’t mind not touching the book/the DNF, but the review… it’s uncalled for.)

These reviews are on goodreads, so you can check out more on there if you wish. I ran a Booksprout Campaign for early reviews, and it didn’t go super well. I think I found the wrong audience for it, based on the reviews, and so modified my description in kind. I’m hoping this book falls into the hands of folks who enjoy: Heavy action, twisted/unexpected myths & creatures, & LGBTQ+ slow burn relationships.

If you want something new when it comes to Norse Mythology, check it out! Fenryr is a good boy in this, after all. So is Loki! Click here to get the book!

Looking for something else? Why not check out “The Dancing Crow” audiobook? It’s been called a ‘vampire horror’! It’s also an Urban Fantasy book by yours truly with a twist on vampires, and plenty of magic.

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