Why are Vampires so sexy?!

Art of my character by this artist!

Love or hate sexy vampires, they exist, and they have a huge impact on the paranormal genre. We all know the answer to the question above. It’s due to the haunting allure of vampires, and there’s a huge amount of ‘sexual fixations’ (Like my euphemism for ‘fetish’?) surrounding them. They are the monsters that look mostly human, but I want to talk about the importance of (some) looking sexy in lore.

There is much debate as to what is the better vampire. ‘Nosferatu-ugly’ or incredibly sexy. I think both have a place, and I fully support multiple kinds of vampires in one world to encompass this. In case you haven’t realized, I’m a huge fan of the ‘sexy’ vampire, though with varying monster-features. I tend to give my vampires blade-like teeth for every single tooth as opposed to just two fangs, jet-black eyes when in frenzy (or always, in the case of Claws of Midgard), and other things. I also love the idea of a ‘monster bat’ form.

Now, it honestly does not make vampires less of a monster when they look very nice. I consider them great because it’s excellent as a lure tactic for prey. Also, they can keep people coming back to them, especially if they have euphoric venom with drug-like properties. Free meals all the time, what’s not to love? Most bloodsucking parasites are repulsive, however in this case, they turn that upside down.

Then, there is just default ‘nice-looking’. I do this with mine, as they’re not exceptionally sexy (that’s just my style of OC if you happen to be into muscular gothic/punkish characters). Vampires in my series are sister species of humans, so they can vary in looking in any way, just like people. They do tend to be a highly active species, and with a higher metabolism, so may be of the more muscular variety, however, naturally.

All in all, the ‘why’ would be ‘because’. Do you really need an excuse to write characters you like, or lore you like, in your vampire fantasy? Not really. I do, because I want to. But don’t listen to the people who scream about ‘ruining vampires due to them not looking like a garbage heap’. I don’t take them seriously for putting down passions, and you shouldn’t either.

HOWEVER. I would say, it’s okay to express you don’t like ‘ugly, corpse like vampires’ (I sure as hell don’t) but don’t put people down for liking those versions. There’s a place for all kinds of vampires, and all of them can be written to be pretty neat.

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