Growing on Tiktok & Youtube – My journey so far

This is a bat-form of my avatar!

Oh my has it been difficult to grow on social media, especially tiktok. I’m still establishing myself on youtube, but I’ve found a bit more success on TikTok. After some research, I found out that you should release a video every single day, which is super difficult given I put a ton of work into my videos. I’ve taken breaks and lapsed in it a few times, but otherwise have been pretty consistent!

The primary content I cover on my tiktok involves two things. One, the Backrooms, which I will explain briefly soon. The other is readings of my novels, short pieces, which also includes NSFW scenes (PG-13 versions for tiktok, of course.) I’ve found something interesting: The readings that I do which contain NSFW content end up getting a lot more attention than my other ones. People seem to like how I write smut!

The Backrooms, however, is something I adore, and it’s internet horror. It’s a creepypasta that started in 2019 that expresses liminal spaces. Given it is a growing internet community story, like the SCP foundation, there is never any lore to run out of. I adore exploring what people have written for the Backrooms and will use a ‘png character’ to cover the content. My avatar is a vampire, of course, who can randomly shift into a bat. I have various expressions for her that she does throughout the videos.

All in all, promoting myself and growing has been tough, but I will continue to do so. Some people complain about the Backrooms lore and how it’s gotten ‘bad’, but personally I disagree. I think the lore is neat, love the monsters, and haters can move on to something else if they dislike it that much, I guess. I have a growing group of interested folks who enjoy my content, so I will definitely continue!

This also will hopefully help me get my books out there, which I’ve struggled with considerably. We shall see! Releasing a video every day and using tags I’ve found have worked has been very helpful, and I hope I continue to grow.

Oh, also, people complain a lot about tiktok and how either scary or ‘yikes’ it is, and I can’t blame them. However, I do not wander from my tiny circle of people I follow nor the content I create, so I ignore the dumb trends that pop up often. Honestly, the platform can be valuable if you avoid the toxic pieces.

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of what I said, you can find my tiktok here!

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