Religious Extremists Worship One Thing. Toxic Relationships.

I just wanted a cool picture for this article, really. But… implications. For those in the know.

This isn’t something I wanted to touch upon, but it’s been on my mind and I need to get these thoughts out. I’ve been watching Telltale, and my thought go beyond just the clip I’m about to share. But these people are very irrational and rather disturbing to me, and I think it’s time I shared my opinions on my own blog here.

Take note of this:

It should be timestamped here. To paraphrase, this extremist religious person states: “Who are we, the created, to question the creator.” These arguments, which I see repeated over and over by the unhinged, drill into my mind that the only thing they worship is a ‘blood god’, as I put it.

Now, here’s why my thoughts go this way. The mentality that ‘someone created you therefore has all the power over you forever’ is disgusting. It is an extremely toxic mentality, and something horrible parents will use against their children. You know the phrase: “Because I said so.” If a parent was abusive to their child and indeed ‘did whatever they wanted’, would that be warranted because… they ‘created’ the child? Of course not. So this supposed god these people worship, if he exists, is actually very evil.

I find it ironic that they preach about some sort of hell when worshipping an egotistical, all-hating god. I want to make it clear, by the way, that my blade here is pointed at extremists, or those who just… have this gross image of their deity that they try to force on others, and use their faith to negatively impact lives, be it through verbal abuse, physical abuse, or policy. I shouldn’t have to obey rules of something I see as an evil blood god demanding a woman should not marry a woman ‘because he says so’. Along with many other supposed ‘sins’ while at the same time cheering on horrible things that go against my own morals in a book that contradicts itself on the regular and has some really evil messages.

It’s all about control, and I quite frankly am tired of being quiet about it. Even if only in my little corner here on the internet, I’m going to share it. Extremists and their harmful views boggle my mind, because again, it’s all about a toxic relationship. Why would a ‘god’ they consider ‘all-loving’ and ‘all-knowing’ need to punish people for sins he created? He created everything, didn’t he, and free will? So you’re telling me he gave people he created free will, then promptly got angry that they used it? That’s a load of bullshit to me, including how he demands his followers to not only worship him until the end of time, but drag other unwilling victims into their cult. Honestly, this ‘god’ is the sin of pride itself, and it would be amusing to me that extremists don’t get it, but instead it happens to be alarming given they are unhinged and have a ton of power.

I don’t believe in worship at all, myself. That’s just a me thing, though. My own fairy tales and imaginary friends, or my version of the gods, are not worshipped by me. They are respected and sought out for help, at times, via my own version of ‘asking’ (I wouldn’t call it prayer or ritualistic, because it’s not what I do). But do I give them my devotion and life? No. There is no such thing as perfection. There never will be, because it’s completely subjective. Under normal circumstance, I would not believe anything impossible. But perfection, yes, is an impossible concept.

If this ‘god’ created everything, then fucked up by creating sin, pitched a hissy fit and demanded all humans blindly worship him…. and has a sin literally named ‘pride’, which is what he literally encompasses, then he isn’t perfect. Is he? Why does he demand all of his ‘creations’ to bend to his will?

I mean, I’m a god. Yeah, I said it, be offended, if you’d like. I believe all creatives, anyone who creates worlds with writing, music, or anything else, adds to the multiverse, which is infinite. Every thought expands this. Including anything you or I create–and anything our creations create. If I somehow managed to meet my creations, I would not demand undying devotion. I would, simply, tell them I’m proud of them. And wish them well, and hope for good stories in the future.

That’s because I’m not an egotistical prick, but I suppose I can’t say that of everyone’s created characters. Extremists created a very vengeful, evil version of the very thing they call ‘all-loving’, and anyone with half a brain can see through their nonsense. I’m not sorry for thinking or saying any of this.

Good day. Oh, check out my books, if you’d like. Book list is above in the menu. This rant article is far too serious for any links right now.

NOTE: Wanted to emphasize, for the second time, that this is aimed SPECIFICALLY TOWARD EXTREMISTS who believe this stuff, try to force it on others, and try to ruin their lives.

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