Des M. Astor’s 100th BLOG POST! What were the most popular posts? What posts should have gotten more love?

The character art shown here of my avatar is by Gynesisx!

Hey folks! I’m pleased to say that this blog has hit 100 posts. I started to post more last summer, trying to schedule something to go out once per week on Saturdays, at least. I’ve kept to that schedule well, and today I’ve hit 100 posts! I figured making the 100th a celebration post would be neat.

Here’s some fun statistics–basically, what posts got the most love, and the posts that I wish got more love.

In 2021, the total number of words I wrote in my blog was: 73,087. That’s practically as long as a novel! Maybe 10k less than the novel I have the least amount of words in, but still, a pretty sizeable number. Throughout the years, the average number of words per post varies pretty closely between 1.1k and 1.3k. Detailed stuff, but not TOO long. My posts have been shared about 3,824 times on Twitter. Hey there fellow twitter friends!

My most viewed post is this one: “From a Norse Mythology Fan – No, White Supremacists & Neo Nazis, you can’t have our culture, but you CAN fuck the hell right off.” No surprise, given it’s a controversial topic. I do wish my writing brainstorming posts got more love, though! Second place goes to “Denial of Publishing Contracts: My Experience“, and damn, what a bad experience that was. Finally, third place goes to “[Redacted.]”.

Now, we get to the blog posts that I wish got more love. I’ll toss my top 3 here. Ah yeah… this one hurt. “Happy Book Birthday “Huntsmaster City”! My Thoughts on the sequel to “The Dancing Crow” & “Red Viper””. The lack of interest there really reminded me of how it feels like not people are interested in my creative work no matter how much work I try to put into it. Which is unfortunate. Actually, most posts talking about my books or narrations, or short stories, got abysmal view. Yikes. “DEEP DIVE: What do Creatives think of “Urban/Modern Fantasy”?” was another one that really should have gotten more love, given the research I put into every Deep Dive.

Going through my least viewed topics definitely makes me feel horrible, to be honest. Despite my creative work not getting as much love, though, I don’t think I’ll be walking away from it. Controversial or ‘sad’ topics got the most views, which is a shame. I hope it’ll be better for my next 100 posts.

Sorry to end this on a sadder note! I did enjoy helping the folks that like my worldbuilding topics, and hope I brought some great ideas to them.

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